29 Wood Living Room Furniture Sets

Quality should come before price when choosing the living room furniture sets. If you're on a tight budget, though, as many of us are, you can try to get the best you can within the budget constraints. Buying fewer items of higher quality is generally better than buying more items of lower quality. That's because it's too cheap to buy the wrong economy. Well-made solid wood furniture will last longer and require fewer repairs, which is especially true for the upholstered furniture that can make up a significant proportion of living room furniture collections. Sofas, armchairs and recliners are examples of this. It makes sense if you consider that your living room will spend a large portion of your waking life. After a day at work, this is where you chill, watch television, listen to music and talk to the kids. Your living room furniture not only needs to be comfortable, but it also needs to be hard-wearing. One of the reasons for the wide range of living room furniture available from companies like Southwood, Sherrill and Stickley is the use to which it is generally put.

Use The Custom Shoppe to design your own furniture.

Sherrill furniture is very popular, as is The Custom Shoppe's service where you can design your own living room furniture sets and select your favorite woods. You're going to pay for such a personalized service, of course, but the idea is that if you want it, it happens and is there for you. So how are you going to choose? When deciding on the right living room furniture for your house, what considerations do you consider? Much depends on your living room's size. If you are short of space, a sectional sofa is probably better, as you can use a corner of the room to link two longer pieces of sofa with a wedge. It makes the best use of the space at your fingertips and prevents cluttering up a small room in the middle of the floor with big pieces of furniture.

Performance instead of cost.

Additionally, you can buy the best performance with the budget to which you work. This is where living room furniture collections are going to pay, as sets are often more affordable than individually buying the items. You can purchase two sofas and a matching corner piece, or a sofa and two lounge or armchairs in the living room furniture collections. Initially, a sofa in a hard-wearing fabric may be better than leather if you have kids. Leather can be stained with paints and inks, whereas it is much easier to clean fabric coverings than genuine leather. Remove the cloth until the children are grown up. If you don't have kids, you can buy sets with stylish glass tables and a pair of hardwood sofas covered in leather. Most people like a main table with wood or even black glass with a pair of side tables of oak or glass.

Talk about it before you run.

Before you make your decision and just buy something that catches your eye, you should first decide what theme you want for your room, such as a modern, ancient or traditional colonial style? Then find out what furniture sets that suit your style are available online in the shape of a living room. Make sure that your set is cheaper than buying the items individually-this is usually the case, and you may be able to haggle and negotiate a lower price at times. Check around the various ranges sold by some of the best-known brands, including Stickley Furniture, Sherrill Furniture, Southwood, and American Craftsman. If you have the cash, take a look at The Custom Shoppe with your plan for what they can do for you. Although costs are naturally higher than the regular lines, they can custom build furniture to meet your needs.

Think about the kids.

Make sure you buy sturdy furniture that won't break or become brittle due to hard use, and the materials you choose are durable and easy to clean-also easy to repair if you have little kids or pets. Don't buy cheap just because you can afford more - it's easier to have a high quality, well-made sofa than two made of matchwood and cardboard. Compare the prices provided by the different manufacturers of furniture, and then make a decision. Make sure what you buy is ideal for your room's style and scale. A common mistake is to buy too large and bulky pieces for your living room-it's a waste of money and it won't do justice to your room. You don't want to pack your furniture-filled space with just what you need.

Choose the best sets of living room furniture that meet your needs and budget, and make the most of the cash you can spend. Get the right style, the right size, the right color and the right price, and you'll have fabulous living room furniture for as long as you need it to last. It may seem like a daunting task to choose your living room furniture. There are so many options to choose from, from discount living room furniture packages to high-end designer lounges. When buying your living room furniture, we have a list of the most important points to consider.

Consider the furniture.

You need to decide on the decor and theme of your living room space before deciding which furniture to buy. You might like antique furniture or traditional furniture. Or maybe you like the futuristic feel of edgy. That way, decide before shopping which look you want best. Your furniture should be compatible and fit together well, and it will be easier to shop for the best furniture by picking the decor you want.

Selection of chairs.

If you want to select each piece of furniture carefully, it is probably best to select items that compliment each other individually. You can consider limited package deals and they may have only half of what you want. In this case, make sure that you have in mind the colors you want and that the different pieces fit together well. Taking small pieces of lounge material with you is a smart idea to help you put items together when you purchase the other room furniture. If you want a wide area to be decorated, living room furniture sets can really put together a room and look great if you're going for a modern feel. They also take the trouble of selecting each piece of furniture separately.

Schemes in light.

Make sure that you know which shades are going with the color palette already in the room when picking furniture. You need to buy complimentary furniture depending on the decor and color of the walls and floors. Different wooden furniture can look odd together so be aware of colors that work well and colors that clash with your existing theme of color. If you really like a piece of wooden furniture but it's in a stain that's going to clash with your existing furniture, ask if they can use another stain on the wood. This service is available to some wood furniture firms.


If you are on a strict budget, room furniture sets can often be a good option. They usually come with a dining room table, TV unit and either have two, two-seater sofas or you can choose from a few different chair lounge styles. Just watch out and make sure the quality of the furniture is still high. There are plenty of excellent package deals online, but care must be taken to guarantee that what you buy will last. A smart idea is to look at the different space furniture available online. You can get an idea of what you think your living space is going to suit. It's also a good way to see what you can afford if you have a set budget with what you want to pay. It can be a tough decision to buy living room furniture. I hope we gave you some great ideas to find the right living room furniture for your needs.

My grandmother was born in 1885. I remember her home; she held on to all her family's Victorian furnishings-dark and bulky woods, a marble-topped table, a Lincoln rocking chair. Even her porch was full of furniture unlike any I had ever seen in my parents' suburban home. One piece on her porch that stands out in my memory was a black wicker chair. It looked like a traditional wing chair, but its cushions had been recovered by hand many times. It seemed a lot like the rest of the furniture in her house; it was just outdoors. By the time I owned that chair, it was a little worse for wear. Decades of outdoor use can do that to furniture. Today, our lives have started moving outdoors. We eat on our patios, we visit our families and friends in our yards, and we even nap on our porches. Our standards for outdoor living have evolved, and we are want to outfit our patios so they are comfortable and attractive.

With all the options on the market, you can find beautiful wicker outdoor furniture that will serve you well for many years. Unlike my grandmother's old black chair, today's wicker outdoor furniture can withstand the elements because it's woven with long-lasting synthetics over aluminum frames. Synthetic wicker comes in a variety of colors to fit your outdoor decor. The traditional favorite colors for wicker--white, black, green, dark brown, and golden brown--are available in outdoor wicker, too. You can find wicker outdoor furniture with classic lines and in streamlined contemporary styles. You can find wicker outdoor furniture for every purpose. The classic patio dining table and chairs is available in wicker, in all sizes and shapes. You can find small cafe tables, full-size tables that seat an entire family, and bar-height tables and simple barstools. Synthetic wicker dining chairs can come with and without cushions; you can choose chairs that match the dining table, or you can mix and match the chairs to suit your taste and budget. Add a tea cart for serving or set up a wicker bar on the side, and you are ready to entertain outdoors just as well as the way you entertain indoors.

Outdoor living rooms have become so popular that you can find the wicker outdoor furniture version of nearly every piece of furniture you have inside your house. Are you looking for an outdoor sofa, loveseat, lounge chair, ottoman, or sectional? You can find them all in synthetic wicker with weather-resilient cushions. Do you need a place to store those cushions when you know a big storm is on its way? Or maybe you need a place to store pool toys and life vests? You can find storage trunks in almost every wicker outdoor furniture suite. Do you want to add a coffee table and end tables? Most of them come with glass tops; a wicker tabletop has a nubby texture that makes it an unstable surface for you to eat at or rest a drink. You can find synthetic wicker chaise lounges and rocking chairs, so everyone can relax in their favorite chair. Add a wicker console table or plant stand to round out your outdoor living room set. One piece of wicker outdoor furniture that remains perennially popular is the porch swing. Hang one of these classics on your porch or patio, add a colorful cushion, and you may find yourself transported to a summer day on your grandmother's porch, too. When you make the investment in wicker outdoor furniture, you are bringing the comfort you enjoy indoors to outdoor living.

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