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Everyone is so busy these days trying to keep up with everyday life that often the day-to-day cleaning tends to slip. It becomes a habit to walk into your home and drop whatever you are carrying in the first empty spot you see. As time goes by there are less and less vacant places to place your clutter. Within a short period of time your home becomes so congested with all the stuff you think you need that you don't want to attempt to try to clean it up because you simply don't have that kind of time. Well take a deep breath as there are some things you can do to help yourself to declutter your home and your life.

1. Your first step must be to get control of your life and home again. The best place to start is with all the papers you have laying around. In a busy life style people will bring in the mail, find the bills, and lay the rest down to get to later. Unfortunately, later never seems to come and the pile begins to grow. With that in mind your first step in your declutter process is to spend the time going through all the old mail and papers that are lying around. In order to do this without spending days on the project, grab a handful of papers and sort through them while you watch your favorite TV program. If you do this you will find the task gets accomplished in a short amount of time and you did not have to give up your relaxation time to do it.

2. Whew! Now that you have cleared out the paper clutter you need to begin on the next project. As a general rule the largest amount of clutter in a home accumulates on the counters and flat surfaces. Congratulate yourself, at least you didn't just throw it on the floor. However, when you look around you at all the flat surfaces in your home and the mountain of clutter each holds you don't know where to start. The best place is usually in the kitchen. Pick one of your counters and spend a few minutes sorting through the clutter. If it can be thrown away do it immediately before you decide to just move it to another surface. The rest that cannot be tossed you will need to put away where it should be. If you do one or two surfaces a day, it will be done in no time. Once you are through with the kitchen move on to the next room. Soon you will have your flat surfaces back and feel much more at home.

3. Now you are probably thinking you are done. You figure you have decluttered the stuff that can be seen and things are good. Well you need to go a bit further. Next you need to look at your kitchen cabinets. If you have let yourself put things back in any old way, then your cabinets are as cluttered as your flat surfaces. Tackle this project one cabinet at a time. Clean one a day if that is all the time you have. This doesn't have to become a chore, you can tackle a cabinet each night while you prepare dinner. That way you will be done in no time, and not feel like it has taken a lot of your spare time to accomplish.

4. You are on a roll, so keep the pace going. Open your closet. Does it look like a tornado hit it? Start by getting a trash bag and putting all the clothes you don't wear or that no longer fit you into the bags. Then arrange the others in an orderly fashion so you can find everything. This will save you time when you are trying to get ready to go somewhere and make your preparation time less. Be sure to do the same with all your drawers. To complete this decluttering, take the bags full of clothes to Goodwill or a charity. Be sure to get a receipt to help you with your income taxes also.

5. Wow you have made it to the final step. Can't guess what it is? It is time to head over to the refrigerator. Go through everything in it and get rid of all the old leftovers nobody ate. Also check on the dates of all the condiments in there to be sure they are not outdated. This is an important place to declutter on a regular basis so nobody in your family gets sick from spoiled and expired food. Well you made it through all the accumulated clutter and it didn't really take you that long. Now you need to devise a plan to keep your home decluttered. Keep in mind it is easier to do it as you see the clutter then to have to spend hours or days decluttering.

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