22 Waterproof Kitchen Cabinets Outdoors

With the rapidly growing popularity of outdoor cooking in the United States, and indeed around the world, more and more outdoor cooking enthusiasts have started investing in full outdoor kitchens. Citizens make every effort to see that in comfort and design, the outdoor kitchens suit the indoor kitchens. A number of consumers are tired of outdoor kitchens lacking the regular kitchen's functionality. Others have wood-based outdoor kitchens that have degraded in the cold or rainy weather. The weather-resistant outdoor kitchen cabinets are available for all of these users today. Such cabinets are specifically designed for outdoor use and now provide you with the versatility of drawers, tables, and other storage space to hold your plates, utensils, cutlery, and even cooked dishes. So you finally have the outdoor kitchen that allows you to cook and serve outdoors without having to run indoors every once in a while for supplies.

Look out for some stuff as you pick up your outdoor kitchen refrigerator. Check the cabinet's material. Generally, polymer is made of 100% waterproof content for a durable material. Polymer was first developed for use in the marine industry, so no moisture is absorbed at all. However, unlike wood, in rainy weather, it won't swell, break, or rot. Look carefully to see that the plastic used is the highest type, and ask for assurances that the cabinets can be installed without injury. Ask for a thick, and therefore durable polymer. Check for small or no hardware components because they spoil outside, causing the entire device to be lost.

The stainless steel kitchen cabinets are also weather resistant. Some of these are made of strong gage steel and have even seamless rain gutters running around each window, making the device completely safe for water. That way, every time you cook, you don't have to remove and re-stock your supplies. Your spices and herbs, whatever the weather, will remain dry in the cabinets. Even those on the seaside do not need to be concerned. Simply hose down the cabinets to clear the salt deposits. You could also inquire for a sealer paint coating that provides additional protection from salt and sea water, chlorine from the baths, and chemicals that can be used to wash pavers and spray on the cabinets unintentionally.

If you're one of those who swear alone in wood and iron, you might go for cabinets that can be assembled outside. The advantage with these is that one unit at a time can be purchased from these cabinets and as the need arises. So you can take your pick of fabrics and models with a whole array of outdoor kitchen cabinets at your fingertips, you can set up your own custom outdoor kitchen without a hitch and without thinking about upkeep in inclement weather. Moreover, your outdoor kitchen can be as durable and permanent as your indoor kitchen, so you don't need to shuttle supplies between them.

For those of us who love to spend hours whipping up dishes for ourselves as well as friends and family, the kitchen is a safe refuge. Cooking doesn't have to be inside, however. Another aspect is different from the usual bbq over the weekend or the occasional beer grilling sessions with friends. But those who enjoy cooking outdoors in winter and eating their meals need a fully equipped kitchen system with storage space for food, utensils and cooking facilities.

1. Outdoor kitchen cabinets are raging around the world attracting culinary enthusiasts. Most of this hardware, however, is made of wood, making it difficult to maintain it. The wind, humidity and rain are playing havoc on the wood and ruining the whole set-up in months. To solve this problem, manufacturers with kitchen appliances are developing outdoor kitchen sets made of durable material that can not only survive rain and heat, but are also immune to termites, which is a huge problem in America.

2. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a complete set of kitchen appliances with stove, fan, oven and grill as well as ample storage capacity to hold your food supplies together? This is what the makers of kitchen appliances are trying to achieve by creating the whole polymer system. Polymer originally used in the marine industry is water-resistant at 100%. That gives it a greater advantage over wood, however, is that it does not extend or shrink with the atmosphere or that it is influenced by humidity.

3. Make sure that the polymer used is of good quality when buying outdoor kitchen cabinets and other equipment or materials. Do not buy a set including pieces of wood. It defeats polymer intent. If the knobs and handles start to fall off, your kitchen appliances will be of little use! If you want, you can also try the high-gage steel appliances. They are completely stainless, leaving no room for rusting cabinets and counters in your kitchen. On all sides of the appliance, smooth rain gutters are connected. Therefore, in the monsoon, the food supplies that you kept inside will not be washed away.

Although not as durable as its other material equivalent, certain types of wood are more suitable for outdoor use; namely marine-grade timber such as teak, cypress, and bamboo are typically the best wood for outdoor cabinets. Many outdoor kitchen cabinets are made of polymers of marine grade or stainless steel. While the cabinet is made of less expensive materials, to create a specific look for less money, the doors themselves may be different. It is also commonly used for wardrobes, saunas and siding of houses. Usually, cedar wood designs last over 20 years without breaking, rotting, or warping. White oak and teak are also long-lasting, deteriorating, bending, splitting, or warping resistant trees. Due to chemical preservatives, the pressure-treated pine lasts much longer, making it great for roofs, fencing and other buildings. But for items like outdoor furniture, treated pine is not a great choice. Nonetheless, there are other wood options that will hold up well and look good outdoors. Stainless steel is a good material for outdoor kitchen cabinets as it generally blends in with your grill and outdoor appliances and is weather-and bug-proof. Usually used in outdoor storage, the form or class of metal is 304 stainless steel because it is the most resistant to rust and stain.


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