29 Vintage Living Room Clocks

So your living room needs a makeover and you don't have a fat wad of cash to spend? Well, when you finish reading this, you will realize that you don't need a whole lot of money to acquire quality furniture that will last you a long time. As a matter of fact, when you entertain company over the next holiday your guests will be sure you broke into your savings account to get the 'new look' in your living room, and only you will know the truth! First off, lets discuss what type of furniture you DON'T want to invest money in. We have all been to Ikea and have been wowed by the selection and the prices, but while Ikea and similar furniture stores will give you a warranty, why should the furniture break in the first place?

Well, you need not be an expert to figure out this: furniture that's assembled with ease, can just as easily break. Ikea needs to design furniture that will cost less to produce and also be light enough to pack in your car. That is not a good recipe for long-lasting furniture, and it's not what a smart consumer will spend even a cent of his or her hard-earned cash on. So what is quality furniture made of you ask? Everyone can understand that a Bently is a more solid investment than say, a Fiat. Why is that? That's because of the materials, and the workmanship. While the Bentley is put together by hand, the fiat is assembled on an assembly line. I know what you are thinking. I thought you were going to tell me how to save money- now you are telling me about expensive cars?!' Read a bit more, and I will soon explain the difference between quality cars and quality furniture and how to get the Bently of couches (or arm chairs for that matter) in your living room, for way, way less than you think.

The #1 rule is: quality always starts from the bottom up, and with a couch or any other piece of furniture its no different. The wood, the springs (they keep you from having that 'sinking feeling' every time you plop down on the sofa) and of course the construction of the frame are just some of the differences between an average piece of furniture and one that has the potential to last a lifetime. You want strong, long-lasting wood for your furniture, and high quality materials that will most probably not need to be replaced for years to come. For example, many times when antique furniture is brought in for re-upholstery, the original springs are left in - not to conserve money, but just because there is nothing new on the market that will compare to the quality of the original springs. You can furnish your home or office with real expensive taste, and still end up paying less than you would by buying new furniture.

Here is how: You will rarely find a vintage, expensive car for sale at an estate sale for a bargain price because almost everyone knows its value- even if it needs to be restored. However with antique furniture, many people see an old, dusty couch and no more. With a trained eye, you will be able to pick out a good find whether you are looking for the prefect armchair, buffet, or dining room table for your home. Some good places to look are: home sales, estate sales or Craigslist. In addition you simple wont believe how many homeowners simply discard antique furniture belonging to a deceased family member without bothering to check how much their loved ones antiques are worth! Next time you pass a couch on the curb it may be very worth your while to do a double take! For them its junk, but for you its a piece of furniture worthy of being restored to its former beauty to match the decor of your own home.

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