27 Ugly Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The economy is tight, yet you've been dying to replace the old, worn kitchen cabinets and now you know you can't do it for at least a while. But what are you going to do if you can't stand them any longer a day? Give them a new, old finish! A mine girlfriend recently moved into a farmhouse in Washington State in a small town in a 1920's. Since they were new in 1960, the elderly lady who sold it to her had not updated the cabinets. She set out to change them immediately as an artful faux finish artist. But by replacing or even re-facing them, she did not do it. She achieved it with a simple technique of removing ornamental bits of plaster from mold and antiquating them with a simple process of painting.

I love the look of white, antique cabinets. I enjoy the look of ornamental plaster. What the two create together is a very beautiful make-up of your dull, drab cabinets. They add to the kitchen, bath (or even a piece of furniture!) such character. Here's how to get that elegant look easily: first, find a mold design you love. Hobby stores sell a few in the soap and candle lane, but on blogs you can find several. Simply search "Ornamental Plaster Mold" and it will come up with these pages. Choose a model that blends in without being distracting in the middle of your cabinet door. The most exciting thing about applying plaster bits to your doors in the cabinet is that they make the doors appear to have elevated patterns designed by hand. Yet actually, each piece costs pennies to make.

The finishes of "glaze over color" are so sweet. The technique could transform into something much more interesting and beautiful the most simple and ordinary cabinetry. I love how this finish creates a real dimension and presence for the cabinets! Using a darker tone of the same or coordinating color over a lighter tone, it can be done with any of the colors. But as the base, my favorite is cream-colored paint, with a light to medium brown wash. It's soothing and inviting, and it doesn't detract from other decorations in the room that you might have done.

How easy is that? Ultra!

1. Simply use the mold and a paris plaster bag (found in your local home store) to cast enough pieces of design for your kitchen's number of cabinet doors. Follow the easy directions from the manufacturer. Before applying to the cabinets, the pieces must be bone-dry and light in weight. This can take 2 days or one week to save time by making the pieces in advance. Trust me, you can cast plaster with a mould if you can mix the cake batter and dump it into a pan. It's really a cinch.

2. Wash your cabinets in order to remove dirt and oils and then apply two primer coats.

3. By spreading the mixture over the back of the plaster piece, holding it in the center of the cabinet door for one minute, using a joint compound mixed with a little white glue as your adhesive. It'll perfectly stick! Allow 48 hours of drying before painting.

4. Just paint your cabinet or piece of furniture with the lighter color version you've chosen. Let it dry overnight.

5. Mix the deeper color shade you've chosen craft with translucent wall glaze at a 4-part glaze ratio to one-part paint. Mix well with each other.

6. Brush liberally onto the cabinet surface, pay close attention to the piece of ornamental plaster, then wipe it off immediately with a dry terry towel, allowing the mixture to remain in any recesses, cracks or corners of the piece to create a darker finish in those areas.

7. Once dry, seal to protect your new finish with two non-yellowing polyurethane coats.

It's quick, it's simple, it's beautiful!

This technique can be done on just about anything, and if the piece has any ornamental detail at all, you will find that the glaze will simply bring it out even more! Give the inside of the cabinets a coat of paint or new shelf liner as well to make the cabinets really feel new.

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