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Any interior designer will tell you that lines and shapes are two foundational elements of design. Most people begin their home decorating project by choosing a color scheme. However, lines and shapes can make a big difference in how your colors work together, so you should give them some consideration before you start buying paint. Many people have the common misconception that a room is a fixed space with set dimensions that cannot be changed. While this is true in a purely scientific sense, it is also true that you can make the room look almost any shape you like, if you think about the lines and shapes that you put into it. Everyone has different preferences in interior design. Each individual home owner has a unique idea of what the perfect room would look like.

Some people prefer large, open spaces while others want a small, intimate design. Regardless of your personal style, you probably have at least one room in your house which isn't exactly perfect. Whether it is too small, too long, too wide, or too big, you can change the overall look of your room with the help of lines and shapes. You can use these visual effects to trick the eye into thinking your space is exactly what you want it to be. You can finish the effect with some beautiful new decor and a fresh color scheme. Before you begin redecorating, take a good look around the room. Think about the room's purpose and what kind of atmosphere you would like to create. Be realistic when you determine the room's ultimate use so you don't end up with a bad case of design disappointment.

For instance, if the room is twelve feet long and six feet wide, it is unlikely that you will be able fit a full-size billiard table in it. No matter how you play with shapes and colors, you can't fit a huge game table in that tiny space and leave room to walk around. If you have your heart set on a game room, then you should look through other rooms in your home. Consider moving your home office or child's play room to the smaller space. Then continue with your game room design. Once you have identified your room's purpose, you can begin analyzing which lines and shapes will work best in your space. Straight lines draw your eye to from one end of the line to the other. A long narrow room looks even longer if you create a straight line right down the middle of it with furniture or paint. Try dividing furniture into sections to soften the effect and add some interesting angles to the room. Curved lines work well in large spaces, but straight lines can work when you use them correctly. Consider dividing the room into sections with furniture to create the illusion of several small, square spaces, rather than one long rectangular space. White walls will also make the room appear longer, especially when the longest walls are painted white.

Choose a warm color on the long walls to visually shorten their dimensions. A dark color or pattern on the shorter walls will make them appear closer together. Dark paint colors can be the key to shrinking the room's length. Curved lines can be incorporated through furniture, accessories or wallpaper to create a more relaxed feel in the room. You can use any shape you like in your room's design, but be consistent to avoid your room from becoming chaotic. Area rugs offer an easy way to define your shapes and lines within any room. If you are going for a soft, gentle look, use round or oval rugs. If you want something more masculine, use straight lines with a rectangular or square rug. You can also choose pattern area rugs to reinforce your shape choices. If you are going for curved lines and circles, your rug could have swirling vines or modern graphic dots.

If you want a masculine look, reinforce lines by choosing a rug covered in stripes, plaid, or even tiny triangles. You can also use furniture to emphasize your preferred lines and shapes. For example, a pool table, rectangular sofas, or square coffee tables can all reinforce straight lines throughout a room. A rounded sectional sofa or round side tables can emphasize curvy lines. Get creative and incorporate coordinating lines and shapes through every aspect of your room design. You will soon have a remarkable visual effect that transforms the total look of your room.

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