27 Throw Rugs For Kitchen Area

Create a designer quality interior by following some simple basic decorating tips. Your home should be a reflection of your unique style and personality. Designing your interior requires really getting to know yourself, which can be a little scary, and don't forget your partner. If you're part of a couple, your home should reflect both personality styles as well as create a comfortable, inviting, and livable atmosphere for all its inhabitants and visitors. You can rest easier knowing a few simple elements of style that go a long way. Whether going it alone or using the help of a designer, creating comfort, function, beauty and a tasteful mix of styles can be achieved, and it can be a very rewarding experience. The principles of design are balance, emphasis, rhythm, proportion and scale, and harmony and unity. Remembering these principles can help with what often seems like an overwhelming task. Keep in mind some simple do's and don'ts listed below and you'll approach your interior design project with fun rather than fear. Do get to know your style by identifying what you like.

For instance, do your tastes seem to be more traditional or more contemporary? If you are trying to meld contemporary and traditional styles try pairing natural fibers with textural fabrics, and throw in some exotic accents for flare such as a zebra area rug. Do mix old and new. Mix old world pieces, and fixtures such as lights, with traditional style area rugs and modern furnishings. A wrought iron bed, for instance, with straight lines adds a contemporary touch in a room with silk drapes and old world accents. Do create one or more focal points in a room so the eye will be drawn to this area. A focal point can even be the view outside. If your focus is breathtaking ocean view, for instance, try using minimal window coverings and uncomplicated furnishings and accessories. Do use furnishings and artwork that are compatible with the scale of the room. A large piece of art should hang on a large wall.

Smaller pieces should be grouped together or hung in a smaller area. Similarly, small furniture will get lost in a large room. Do create unity in your home by using the same or similar flooring throughout. Do mix style and function. For example, a distressed leather sofa lends not only a luxurious look and feel to the room but is also wear resistant. Do harmonize dissimilar pieces by using similar shades of a color; a dark wooden table in the same hue as a dark framed chair and ottoman or a dark frame on a nearby wall perhaps. Don't forget lighting. The right lighting creates mood, accentuates artwork, and is used for a specific function such as overhead or task lighting in a kitchen. Don't use trendy pieces or colors when going for a traditional or classic ambience, use furnishings and accents that are timeless. Don't use bold colors if you're trying to create an aura of serenity. Keep your palette neutral and your furnishings simple.

If you're accenting a beautiful, serene ocean view, let that shine though. Don't obstruct the flow of your home, especially if you enjoy entertaining. The flow should be natural and take a person easily through the home - visually as well as physically. Don't hang your artwork too high. Art is your homes jewelry, as some designers say. A good rule of thumb is the middle of the piece should be hung at approximately 5 feet. Try to take cues from your surroundings, find an inspiration, and use your own creativity and style. If using a designer let them get to know you - your likes and dislikes - so that they can help create a living environment that reflects who you are on the inside.

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