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Typically a cottage is a small house. It can be an antique or old-fashioned building that holds the connotation. Generally a cottage is a small, often comfortable dwelling in modern usage, usually in a rural or semi-rural area. Turn your kitchen into a laid-back, more welcoming room with ideas from our favorite cottage designs. Kitchens are a home's nucleus. It's where families come together, where meals are shared, and where memories are often made. Such cottage kitchens show our best ideas for cottage kitchen.

Homes in the cottage style feature natural texture siding materials including stone or brick. Cottage style has a vibrant, cozy look characterized by painted or carved furniture with elegant curves, weathered finishes, textural elements such as baskets, beadboard walls and natural fiber tapes, and colors taken directly from a lush garden of flower. The distinction between cabin and cottage is that cabin is a small living room made of wood only, while cottage is a small living room made of many other materials.

The cottage design style of the kitchen is characterized by a vibrant, cozy look created by painted or decorated furniture, baskets, beadboard walls and natural fiber rugs, and weathered surface finishes, as well as colors that you would expect to find in a garden. Cottage-style kitchen can have a lot of accessories, but to keep the clutter from becoming distracting, you need to avoid going overboard. Kitchen design cottage style is also known for floors that are clean except for an occasional throwing rug. The kitchen design cottage style conjures up pictures of a warm, airy, charming and casual space. In a summer cottage, you consider the breezy, uncomplicated feeling. Cottages evoke a seaside holiday, a rural location, or a mountain cabin. The mood is always relaxed and casual. Simplification is the key feature of kitchen architecture cottage style.

Since cottage style kitchens are small, they typically have a fresh and open floor plan that can work easily as well as being an entertaining location. You need to look at accessories such as houseware, linens, and furnishings for your kitchen to create the cottage feel for you. Examples include the use of white distressed, scratched and butcher-block surfaces around the kitchen, stripped antique towels and dishcloths, an old kitchen clock, or plate display on open shelves above a window or doorway. Certain accessories may include pots for stoneware, earthenware glazed and jars for glass. You could also generate more cottage charm by adding a pitcher of fresh-cut flowers.

It takes time for your kitchen to build a cottage look. You can't just find the theme of the cottage at once and in one shop. The kitchen has to look as if, over a period of time, it slowly took on this look to create a more composed look. Cottage-style kitchen furniture may include pine or maple furniture. The decoration of furniture is an important element of the style of the cottage. White-painted or lacquered furniture can also include features such as curved legs on base cabinetry, and old-fashioned moldings around cabinets and tables. Or a large work table that can be a family dining room as well. The rooms can include a kitchen table with beech spindle style chairs in the farmhouse style. A kitchen range in the cottage style can be used with a decorative wooden range hood, as well as a large ceramic sink in one tub, or a sink in the front of the property. Knobs are the dominant hardware of choice for kitchen architecture in the cottage style. Elements of style include porcelain and embossed stoneware, semi-glossy blues, creams and whites that fit well. Even search with wire or bamboo for woven designs.
Paint can be used to build a kitchen design in a cottage style. A bold color can be painted on the wood flooring. Walls can be painted with warm yellows or blues, which can be matched with kitchen cabinet tones and textures, wall tile, window treatments, and other kitchen decorations.

Outdoor kitchens are any other like themed -rooms inside the household, except that its lay-out is designed outside the wall perimeter of the main house and is usually situated where the sun is at its beaming smile or the moon is at its sweetest wink. It usually serve as a venue for barbecue soirees, evening family get-together and small parties and even neighbourhood bonding sessions. But, what are the basic elements for building a functional and classy outdoor kitchen?

1. PLANNING - Prior to even having the first step of creating your dream outdoor kitchen, one should first have a blue print of what one wants for such kitchen. Hence, the blue print should be able to identify where in the house lay-out, specifically, must be situated. It must also identify the size of the kitchen and its level of functionality viz the other utility rooms inside the house. During the planning stage, one must also consider what types and how many kitchen equipment are you willing to house inside the said area.

2. ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT - Next line would be the concept of the outdoor kitchen, whether it will be a classic, modern, economical, basic or high-end. It must clearly depict what type of style you would want to project. One can also have a lavish concept, such as a country concept with the presence of brick and woods or French Mediterranean which scallops and cone edges or a Thai which lavish use of colors and glittering accents. Most often, the architectural design of an outdoor kitchen is in harmony with the architectural concept of the main house.

3.TECHNOLOGY - This is the meat of all outdoor kitchens. For outdoor kitchens, naturally, rust proof equipment are being installed. Durability of the equipment is also a consideration. This is so, because, one must consider the conditions in an outdoor environment. The presence under the direct rays of the sun or drops of the rain, moisture of the soil or the surrounding plants or even the extreme temperatures during winters and summers. Kitchen equipment must be carefully chosen that can wither these types of conditions. Hence, all kitchen technology equipment must be all-weather proof.

4. BASIC PARTITIONS - Like any other rooms inside the house, your outdoor cooking area must have clear cut partitions which will provide space for every activity to be done inside the perimeter. Mini-partitions such as kitchen counters divide the cooking area from the ingredient preparation area. The wet area can be characterized by a sink which will be a washing area for ingredients and used utensils, pans and dishes.

5. SECURITY and SAFETY FEATURES - This is a very important consideration in every outdoor kitchen. The security features would usually refer to the protection of all equipment and things installed in your outdoor kitchen. Each of installed object must be securely fastened/locked and protected, because of the kitchen's outdoor nature, which is consequently susceptible to theft and burglary. Safety features, on the other hand, refers to preventive features of any call for accidents, such as fire, oven explosion or even electrical malfunction. Hence, safety gadgets such as fire extinguishers and other fire prevention instruments must be always present. Finally, the harmony of all these important elements will depict one's perfect idea of an outdoor cooking place. One's careful picking of a style, kitchen piece and the like will surely be a dream outdoor kitchen.

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