26 Stacked Laundry Rooms DIY

The laundry room is a great place for project experiments! Creating a stencil accent board, painting the laminate floors and adding a DIY light fixture. Small spaces for flexing the DIY muscle are perfect spaces! If you have access to a vinyl cutting machine, cut some vinyl in a way that makes you smile! Many pre-made vinyl decals for laundry rooms can also be found online. Stackable machines are a great way to use vertical space. Note on the wall also her cute circle design? I believe model was created using white paint toilet paper rolls. Take advantage of it with decorative baskets if there is an uncomfortable space above your cabinets. They add texture and warmth to an otherwise strong room, in addition to providing additional storage. Wall hanging baskets can provide excellent space for loose socks, laundry or other necessities.

To build one of these stylish little laundry rooms, you don't need a huge and spacious house, all you need is a fresh coat of paint and some ideas to organize your space better. We have created an inspiring collection of images, ranging from laundry rooms in the closet style to laundry rooms in your bathroom and those with their own space. All of these have one thing in common, they are small and have once been disorganized and need a makeover. All of them feature practical storage ideas and ways to make your room attractive as well. Who does not agree that your laundry room is both usable and stylish?

You don't have to have a huge space. In addition, some of the most effective laundry room designs are quite compact, with the following four elements grouped nearby, not more than one or two steps away from each other:

1. Appliances: Stack them or position them side by side in order to quickly move wet clothes from washer to dryer. Machines should be mounted in front of the utility hookups.

2. Supplies: Store detergent, stain sticks, and other clothing-care products, such as a sewing kit, in closed cabinets, cubbies, or machine-side open shelving.

3. Baskets: leave enough space in front of machines to empty or fill them quickly, and build a nearby niche for tucking out of the way baskets or barriers, but within easy distance to pick.

4. Job surface: Install a counter or table adjacent to stacked or top loading machines to sort, handle and fold. Consider installing a counter on top of the machines to save room when front loaders are mounted side by side.

Washer mishaps are among the major causes of home floods, and every year, dryers account for thousands of fires. But you can stop catastrophe with some main supplies and save thousands. Here's what you're going to need: braided, left seen steel washer hoses that can't split open like rubber hoses.

Instead of a plastic flex hose, which is a fire hazard, steel dryer-vent tubing lined with foil tape. A washer box recessed in the wall so water valves are easily accessible and hoses are not loosened or harmed by squishing behind the unit. MEF and WF also score many HE (high-efficiency) washers. The latest acronyms mean here:

MEF: Modified Energy Factor is a calculation of the energy used to power the washer and heat up the water. The higher the MEF, the more the washer will be energy efficient. WF: Water Factor is based on the number of gallons per cubic foot of potential of water consumed. The more miserably the washer, the lower the WF.

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