27 Spacious Kitchen Layouts

Is your kitchen so damned boring that burning your toast becomes the highlight of its day? Don't worry, your kitchen is like many across the nation that have not seen a lick of paint or a new interesting design element since the turn of the century, or even since the war. However, it's not all that difficult to rejuvenate a kitchen interior and turn it into something inviting and inspiring. After all, a boring kitchen will inspire boring cooking and this leads to poor diets and avoidance of healthy foods. That's a shame for cooking should be entered into with the same passion one enters a love affair. Good food is vital for your health and for those of your children.

The following tips present to you a variety of ways you can change the very heart and soul of your kitchen from a boring, slovenly and snore-inducing interior to a lively, exciting and stimulating cooking arena. All this achieved with a relatively small budget as well and no large and expensive refurbishments. Spatulas at the ready! Let's proceed.

Add Mirrors

The addition of mirrors in the kitchen can make what was previously a small and dark interior look decidedly lighter, brighter and more spacious. The reflection of ones movements in the space also bring a dynamic element to the scene thereby enlivening what was once a motionless and stagnant room. Mirrors can be added to cabinet doors or alternatively to spare wall space. Some mirrors come with decorative borders which will appeal to different tastes and can fit in with a general kitchen design theme.

New Wall Tiles

Adding new tile backsplashes is a great way to spruce up a kitchen. Plain white is a good neutral tone that goes with the majority of decor but it's boring! It's made even worse if the rest of the decor is so mundane it resembles an autopsy lab. Tiles come in literally thousands of different styles, patterns, shapes, sizes and materials. With this huge range on offer, it won't be difficult to find a few tiles that will add some interest to the backsplash behind the cooker, microwave or sink. Do you like spirals and circle shapes? You'll find some tiles matching this style. What about dolphins, bears or cats? You'll find those too. More traditional patterns can also be found, as well as materials you perhaps might not have thought about before. Transform cabinets The kitchen cabinets are one of the most noticeable features in a kitchen due to their abundance and important functional qualities. In order to add some interest to these doors, a number of possible decorative adjustments can be made which will impact on the rest of the room. Painting the cabinet doors and interiors different colours can change the cabinets into more contemporary and interesting features that can match other decorative elements nearby. The addition of mirrors, as noted previously, can bring reflective refreshment to the scene. The addition of glass doors instead of standard wooden versions can allow the items stored within to be the focus instead (although it's important that the storage jars, canisters and boxes are attractive in themselves). You can even remove the cabinet doors altogether and have open shelving. For artistic homeowners who like to get their paintbrushes out, then stencilling is a creative and highly personal way of decorating the cabinet space with pretty and unique images and patterns

Add Table Lamps

Let there be light! You don't want to be confusing those fresh tomatoes with chilli peppers, especially when your elderly mother-in-law is visiting. In all likelihood, your kitchen will have enough lighting to see what you're doing in the all-important food preparation areas. That said, the kitchen as a whole can often benefit from more locational and accent lighting which will also boost the overall brightness of the interior. Table lamps placed on space surfaces here and there can add interest and visual stimulation during the cooking process and make the room more appealing. With a bowl of fruit or nuts nearby and perhaps some stainless steel utensils hanging on a wall behind the lamp, the resulting light will enhance colours, textures and reflective qualities. The kitchen will look like a new room.

Add Fun Gadgets

Gadgets don't have to be electrical or expensive to have an exciting impact on a kitchen interior. Some of the best designs are very simple yet eye-catching with their originality. One of the most renowned companies that make exciting kitchen gadgets is the Italian design factory called Alessi. Their fun kitchen accessories include highly original kitchen timers, cheese graters, orange peelers, tea sticks, citrus squeezers and vegetable choppers, to name but just a few. Some of these items placed around the kitchen will encourage friends and family members alike to have a go at a bit of cooking and make the interior as a whole more interesting, modern and engaging.

Add Baskets

Is your current kitchen all straight lines and little else? Does a plank of wood have more curved edges than your cooking space? If so, consider the addition of wicker baskets as storage items for dried foods, towels, utensils and the various other bits and pieces found in the kitchen. Baskets bring a touch of the natural world to an otherwise industrial looking kitchen and can transform of atmosphere as a result. Baskets are also great alternatives for shelving and can be stacked neatly one on top of another in a corner or on a kitchen counter. Some of the most popular materials that baskets come in include rattan, straw, cane, water reeds, raffia, oak and bamboo. You can even find some that are painted in different colours which are perfect for overly white or metal kitchen decor schemes.

Grow Herbs

You don't need a garden in order to grow your own herbs. Equally, you don't have to be particularly green fingered to successfully cultivate some delicious herbs for future family meals. There are a whole host of herbs that grow perfectly well indoors. Growing herbs is also a wonderful way to bring further elements of the natural world into the home and the addition of greenery in the kitchen can inspire and awaken creative ideas you never knew were possible. Different herbs suit different types of settings. For kitchen windowsills and counters that attract a lot of sunlight, then herbs such as chives, oregano, lemon thyme and rosemary will be perfect. For darker and more secluded areas of a kitchen like on the top of a cabinet or next to a bread bin, then herbs such as wild rocket, chervil, French parsley and red mustard will be more applicable

Be Creative

Turning a boring kitchen in a lively, inspiring and welcoming interior will not be a difficult task with a modicum of creativity. Take time to browse through interior design magazines and websites as well as watch decorating programs on television. Be aware of the world around you whenever you set foot out of the door. In just ten minutes of mindful observation when taking a stroll through the countryside or a cityscape, you'll come across dozens of images and items that will press a creative switch in your brain. Don't be boring! Be aware of everything around you and in no time at all, you'll have a kitchen to be proud of.

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