29 Small Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets provide extra space to store items and add to your cooking space's overall decor. By can antique nicknacks on top of your cabinets, you can easily decorate the room. It not only enhances the look of your cooking area by embellishing your cupboards, it also provides storage space for items that do not have their own room in cupboards and lockers.

Antique appliances

To decorate your storage spaces, use colorful and stylish antique and vintage appliances. An old electric hand mixer can be an ideal decor because setting up and showing off doesn't require a lot of effort. Vintage wares can help to accentuate the entire room's overall appeal. Furthermore, antique colanders can become striking decorations with beautiful patterns. Use ambient rope lighting placed behind the colanders to create a stunning after-dark effect.

Seasonal Selections

No matter the season or year, your kitchenette locker decor will stay the same. Consider having a special decoration in a spring vase for each season, such as wooden eggs or fresh flowers. Autumn decorations could include a framed photo of colorful leaves supported on a stable and gourds and pumpkins of natural or plastic. Give your kids a space to display their artwork apart from the fridge door. While you can encourage the children to determine where their artwork can be put, do not allow them to climb ladders to position the objects. Rather, for protection, let them instruct you where to put their artwork from their position on the ground.

Colorful Commercialism

Decorate the personalized kitchen cabinets with ads found on fruit crates and tins of seasoning. This will help you create a lively cupboard attraction based on food. Choose food crate advertising with bright and colorful fruit pictures such as oranges, grapes, and peaches. When you plan to use the entire box for show, position the box so that the tag can be seen from the ground level. To house potted plants, faux ivy, and sets of vintage salt and pepper shakers, use open spaces between and within the cages.

Show Off Your Interests

For various items you collect, including antique milk bottles and retro lunch boxes, you can use the room above your custom kitchen cabinets as an interactive showcase. If you're planning to display clear, screen-printed glassware like milk bottles on top of your cabinets, consider placing white paper sheets inside the bottles to make the graphics more visible. Furthermore, display your lunch boxes to suit the room's color scheme. For extra lighting, elegant drink containers and gumball machines can be used. Some things you can use to add color to your kitchenette shelves are miniature chalkboards with chalked greetings or sketches, artificial fruits, and wire baskets. Custom kitchen cabinets provide the extra storage necessary for homeowners. To maximize the feel of your home and the room above the cabinets, you can use different decorations.

It doesn't mean you have to spend arm and leg for it to achieve a vintage look. It will give you the feel of the 50s and 60s by adding basic retro kitchen appliances to your home. These days, retro kitchen is in the rage, so if you want to change the look of them, then why not try to do it with the basics. It's just not possible to demolish the kitchen and start right from scratch. This can not be borne by all of us. You can still fulfill your dream of having a retro kitchen by incorporating basic antique touches through the kitchen appliances. Whether you love a diner look or an atomic look, you'll find plenty of irresistible ideas, suggestions when you look at these antique products.

Where To Start

With so many antique appliances available, choosing makes it confusing. How about refrigerator starting? You can choose retro-style fridge available in various colors such as brown, flamingo pink, butter orange, white and sky blue. This retro gadget can be improved by having it next to your kitchen cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are made in primary colors, your kitchen is sure to look amazing in this style. In addition to this, there are several antique kitchen appliances that you can install in your kitchen to complete the look. These days you'll also get food processors, coffee makers, openers, waffle makers, juicers, mixers, microwave ovens, toasters, cookers and even the smallest items like salt n pepper fillers in vintage look. Look for items made of silver, copper, or porcelain. Using antique tea set, dining rug, retro kitchen clock to add to your other antiquated appliances.

Installing Vintage Items

Instead of hiring an interior decorator that will of course be an expensive expense, you should install too few retro things along with these kitchen appliances that will help you get your kitchen a vintage look without costing too much for it. Consider adding accessories such as cook books, some beautiful vintage-looking bottles that contain your condiments, attractive flowers and other such small things that enhance the look.

Where To Purchase All These

These appliances are no shortage; you can purchase them conveniently from your closest kitchen shop or from any online store. They are also widely available on the Internet at multiple auction sites. If you want to shop these appliances online, there are several benefits as they are offered with great discounts and deals from different suppliers.


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