22 Small Laundry Room Floor Plans

It's quite easy to remodel a laundry room. This room is often the house's most neglected space, but you can transform it into a practical, structured marvel that you'll be proud to show off in a few simple steps.

Here are five measures for a simple renovation of the laundry room:

1. Flooring-If you're doing a full remodeling plan, you can start from floor to floor! While laminate and wood floors can also be used, tiles and vinyl are the best options.

2. Cabinets-If your laundry room does not already have cabinets, you may want to consider adding them if you have space. These will not only bring insulation to your house, these should also increase the value of your home.

3. Walls and Decor-Cute laundry art work, whimsical stenciled letters on the walls, antique prints, black and white photos of your favorite family memories... just about anything fits as well as laundry room decor! When it comes to paint colors, you might want to go for gentle, white, or dark colors for smaller rooms. Darker colors may make a small room appear smaller already. If you have a big, well-lit laundry room, you may want to go with a bolder shade.

4. Storage / Organizing-Make the most of your space and prepare for efficient storage and organizing of your laundry room. Build at least a shelf over the washing machine or dryer if you don't have space for cabinets. Another way to get every bit of available storage space out of the room is a slide-out cart that sits between the two appliances.

5. Finishing touches-Window treatments and a good laundry room rug should help finish the room.

When remodeling your laundry room, please remember to look at the overall picture. All the things you choose are meant to complement each other.

Everyone in their closet needs more room! Small spare bedrooms were turned into large glamorous dressing rooms next to the master suite. This is easily created by installing a door to the shared wall and connecting to the spare room hardwood shelving and completed cabinet fancy hardware. Replace the closet doors from the spare room and install hardwood and dressers to bring more space to the bedroom. To complete the dressing room and give it a comfortable look, wide three-way mirrors, lounge chairs and plush ottomans are added.

Another common use is to build a sitting room for the master suite for that spare bedroom. The common wall between the master and spare rooms is demolished and finished with trim work. The sitting room is fitted with a chaise lounge and high back chairs with matching coffee tables, along with elegant curtains, decorative pillows and rugs that contrast with the master bedroom accessories.

On the main floor, to keep everything well ordered, the laundry room can be turned into a mud room complete with a desk, hooks and cubbies. So where was the bed going to the laundry? The laundry room is most often moved back to the basement and updated to built-in cabinets for cabinetry and granite. For improved ventilation and privacy, sunrooms and three temporary rooms are being restructured and turned into family spaces and playrooms. In reality, I had a friend who finished with bamboo hardwood adding radiant heat flooring. The space was furnished with a sectional dark suede sofa, a dark wood coffee table and a black bar table with chairs, along with candles and low-voltage floor lamps to give it an intimate feel.

Other rooms are redesigned into the home office, such as dining rooms or living rooms. Walls are removed in dining rooms, living rooms and/or family rooms to create spacious large rooms with shelving and cabinetry for creating wet bars or book shelves. With the impact of a downward spiraling market, more homeowners choose to rebuild or update rooms to give a new bold look to their house. I think that the minimum size for one of these rooms should be 9 feet wide and 11 feet long, based on almost 40 years of dealing with laundry rooms. It's easier for the smaller. The gate to the room must have a length of at least 32 inches.

The laundry room is not the place for carpet shags or pricey hardwood floors. To addition to avoiding staining and tear, the surface under your washer and dryer must also stand up to moisture. In the laundry room, interior designers also prefer vinyl, although it is not inherently a limiting choice. Closets for the washing. There should be at least 32 in a small laundry room. Big for hoses (on the side of the supply) and system movement, and 40 to 50 in. Deep (approximately twice the standard closet depth).

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