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You probably spend the vast majority of your time at home. Why not go beyond the basic steps of renovating and make it luxurious and outstanding on a reasonable budget? You are invited to benefit from these tips, which just might revolutionize the entire look of your home. Crown moulding. Breathe a little bit of Rome into every room in your house by adding crown moulding. If you're tired of feeling like you're trapped in a box day after day, it's time to give your home a little more contour. This simple, but stunning improvement is similar to what makes many classy baseboards look so great. While your baseboards create an attractive transition from your floor from your wall, crown moulding adds a similar flow between your ceiling and your wall, facilitating a lovely contour that is very pleasing to the eye. Crown moulding can even be installed around doors and windows, giving you the sensation that you're living in a castle. Recessed lighting in the kitchen. Almost nothing can compete with the modern look of lights installed into the ceiling.

Lighting that hangs down just makes the room look crowded, especially if it's large, or hangs down low. This is one of the negatives you want to avoid. When updating your home, every extra inch of space counts. Some cabinets can also be installed that have lights built in, so they illuminate the counter exclusively. This update will not only create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, but will also be perfect for rummaging through the kitchen for a midnight sandwich when you don't want to wake everyone in the house. Paintings that shine bright. This is a great chance for you art lovers to shop for paintings that will expresses your personality and feelings, but that's not enough to make them really stand out.

Buy a separate lamp for each painting and place it just beneath, or above the painting and when the sun begins to set, turn the lamps on and enjoy how magnificently the ambiance of the room morphs from refined to mysterious. You can buy lamps that clamp onto the top of the painting, or purchase some that can be attached directly to the wall. Sophisticated curtains. Instead of hanging curtains that barely cover your window, buy them extra long and hang them from your ceiling to your baseboards. The curtains you hang on these rods should be long enough to go from the rod all the way down, well below the window and just a few millimeters from the floor. Make sure to use light fabric, or layer a sheer curtain beneath a slightly heavier curtain. This will make them easier to open and close and create various styles depending on whether you leave them both closed, open one, or tie both layers of curtains to the side. Your whole room will look instantly enchanting.

Let your bathroom fixtures stand alone. Stand alone tubs and sinks used to be classic, but now they are modern all over again. You can find many luxurious designs. Some tubs look like big butter trays, others like bowls on legs. Not to mention you can have the faucet on the side of the tub where you can easily reach it instead of all the way at your feet. If you want to be spoiled in a bubble bath that is far more fancy than the norm, you might find yourself spending a lot more time in the tub than you ever expected when you install one of these bathtubs. In addition, sinks look small, graceful and efficient when they are not attached to the wall.

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