25 Simple Country Kitchen Designs Layouts

Country style refers to an aesthetic reflecting farmhouse-like architecture in rural areas. A country-style kitchen's color palette can include pastels and bright colors as well as design elements such as stenciling or antique signage. More often than not, even the highest-flying city slickers and urban-dwelling families are longing at some point in their lives for the homely comforts of the land. While this may not be possible for everyone, many choose to follow a less formal, more casual home style, and the country-style kitchen is a perfect way to achieve this. Characterized by warm and welcoming colours, open shelves and hanging racks and hooks, a modern country kitchen's timeless style can conjure up the comforts synonymous with country life but with all the essential elements needed by modern living.

Anyone who adopts this type of kitchen has two choices: due to the many open-front shelves and cabinets in the dresser model, it makes most sense for the homeowner to invest in complementary appliances and accessories so that they do not detract from the overall style when these products are on show. The alternative, however, is to liaise with a trustworthy manufacturer who will ensure that enough storage space is available for the more modern pieces to be neatly packaged but within easy reach. The ideal way to incorporate many modern appliances can be home garages and internal solutions.

Usually, other items such as pots and pans are shown freely by hanging racks and hooks above the cooker, which can help free up cupboard space for other items to be stored. If space allows, a crockery show dresser can also become a key feature in this design of the kitchen. When installing new units, choosing wooden units and workshops is the best option. Most of the recently used materials, such as laminates, would simply not work in a country kitchen. And if you're fortunate enough to keep your property's original floorboards, then sand them down and choose a wood for the cabinetry that matches this existing function.

Shaker kitchens are often the perfect solution to a country kitchen with a modern twist. We embody the principle of country cuisine, but also focus on saving energy and usefulness. In the setting of a country kitchen, clear colors, light and airy templates work spectacularly. While this is a one-size-fits-all approach, the home you live in can often decide the type of kitchen that fits your surroundings best.

For example, if you're the proud owner of a Victorian or Georgian property, a kitchen in either of these periodic styles will obviously just as well suit the property. Both of these styles are more decorative than a shaker kitchen, but with innovative storage options built in, both can still be used in a highly functional way. And of course, the clever design of a country kitchen's comfort, functionality and homely feeling can be integrated into the period style, complementing the existing features without sacrificing anything from the styling of the time.

The cooker is typically the core of a kitchen in country style, so it is important to consider how this represents the kitchen framework in country style. Range cookers have historically been the cooker of choice, also supplying the rest of the house with electricity. This is still incredibly popular today with often elegantly nestling range cookers in the kitchen's chimney breast. Certain main appliances, such as fridges and freezers, are often placed behind doors to look like cabinets so they are hidden from view to be in accordance with the kitchen's traditional style. In order to create a truly authentic kitchen, it is also important to consider the much smaller details. In this style of kitchens, butler sinks are a must-have as are shelving and plate racks are also common.

In essence, it's all about finding a kitchen that suits the home style in the best way. A well-designed kitchen in country style will suit most property types to make it an ideal investment. A professional kitchen designer will also ensure that all of a new kitchen's time-saving equipment can be built without having a negative impact on the cozy environment of older country-style kitchens.

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