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Your kitchen flooring plays a vital role in food preparation. The floor tiles of the kitchen must withstand the inevitable scratches, scrapes, drops, spills and dirt that can damage the floor. Kitchen floor options ' longevity and material depend entirely on your selection of tiles to cover the whole kitchen area.

Floor Tile Ideas

You can choose from two common kitchen tile ideas. This takes only a little research and the correct layout that goes with the whole kitchen theme idea. Glazed tiles are smooth and easy mopping can be used to wash them quickly. Smooth kitchen floor tiles in the modern kitchen are classy and elegant. Non-skid unglazed tiles make them safe from slipping and drops. For proper sanitation and maintenance of their chic look, they need regular cleaning.

Tiles Types

There are different types of flooring that can fit into the needs of everyone according to the homeowner's kitchen designs and needs. Because of their texture, natural slate stone tiles are durable, stain-resistant andnon-slip, perfect for the busy kitchen. Saltillo tiles are kitchens designed for the Mediterranean, which must be sealed and cleaned without chemicals with wet cloth. On the other side, granite kitchen tiles are durable but prone to the presence of water stains and marks and rough artifacts. Every form of flooring in the kitchen also needs to be cleaned. Porcelain tiles are more durable and costly than ceramics and come in a variety of colors. Ceramics kitchen tiles are available in many colors in matt or glossy forms. Travertine is a porous calcareous material, typically sealed to avoid the accumulation of fluid and dust. For drops of water or oil, it becomes slick.

Floor Tiles Project

Color is the first basis for creating kitchen tiles. From the wall colors or the furniture and fittings in your home, you can choose the right shade. Take note of your kitchen floor plan and your hunt for kitchen floor tiles can be narrowed down. If after your food arrangements you want to quickly wash floor tiles, buy polished wood tiles or glazed tiles. Be sure to make an actual layout before permanently attaching them to the floor to finalize your kitchen floor design.

Kitchen Floor Tile Advice

Step by step scheduling, ordering and installing floor tiles is very important in order to save additional financial costs, effort and time to get your dream kitchen. You must be prepared for the masons to work on a design or theme. Choose the kitchen tiles in the kitchen depending on your rate. You need tiles to ensure safety and comfort for anyone who uses the kitchen on a regular basis. Until laying the first floor, it's better to make your decisions and plans. Once attached, until you decide to change it again, you will have to live with it for a long time.

Within your budget, the most important part of a kitchen remodeling or design is the right choice of kitchen flooring. When choosing the best kitchen tiles to reach a given budget, the most realistic approach is to look for the selling of kitchen floor tiles. The next important factor in the selection of tiles is quality, durability, convenience of use and maintenance of sanitation and perfect condition. Not only do you have to start choosing kitchen floor tiles for your floor because of the theme and decor of your home, but you are still looking for strength and resilience in the sense that your floor will handle the drops and splashes that can arise daily in a busy kitchen. When you're buying kitchen floor tile, you're not just thinking about the design, pattern, and colors it's got. Durability, water resistance, breakage, stains, and walking and standing comfort need to be considered.

You need a kitchen floor to stand up to the endless stream of people coming in and out of the kitchen for the busiest part of the house. It's not all about cooking in the kitchen. While you're baking, the children can do their homework, they can run around playing tag, etc. Sure, the kitchen floor is not as water-intensive as your bath or shower, but water is still available. So you need to think about getting tiles on the floor so water can't get through. This increases your kitchen floor's durability and also ensures a safe kitchen. Tiles for the kitchen are in general very robust on the hand of the breakage. Of starters, if you spill a bottle of vegetable oil on the concrete, those that guard against glass breakage are the best tiles. For example, with tiles such as ceramic, you'll be looking with a wet mop at a week or two of mopping oil off your floors. You can go for kitchen floor tiles as far as stains are concerned, which are a darker shade to hide signs of dust from food spills and injuries and regular foot traffic.

If you're a cook, you're not going to like the idea of kitchen floors and tiles that affect your back and legs. This tiles help keep your feet, legs, and back warm and you can cook in comfort once you have durable floor tiles. You can go with marble, travertine, stone, saltillo and ceramic and porcelain when you think about putting tiles on your kitchen floor. When picking tiles for your kitchen floor, care of your preferences and the needs of your family. Bearing in mind durability, stains, standing comfort, etc., you can get the best type of kitchen floor tiles installed in your home that not only looks fabulous, but is a wonderful addition to your lifestyle.

Tiles are great way to add a sense of sophistication and charm to your home without shelling out big bucks. Cleaning tiles is never an easy task; it is long, tedious and cumbersome. Furthermore, it is easy to get confused when it comes to finding the right way of cleaning tiles. It is imperative to clean the tiles carefully in order to maintain their beauty, lustre and durability. A lot of care needs to be administered while cleaning the grouts between the tiles as they are prone to breaking. Compiled in this article are simple yet effective tips to cleaning different types of tiles.

Cleaning Slate tiles

Slate tiles are one of the most sought after options in tiles as they are durable, aesthetically appealing, porous, and slip-resistant. Because of their porous nature, slate tiles are easy to clean with minimal of supervision. To clean the tiles, first remove the surface debris and dirt using a vacuum. Make it a point to remove dirt from all nooks and crevices. You do not need any chemically concentrated cleaning agent to clean your slate tiles; regular dish washing soap will also do. First, mix half a cup of cleaning soap into a tub of warm water. Refrain from using excess water to clean tiles; remember that in this case less is more. Using a clean cotton mop, sweep the tiles with the soapy water. Repeat the process two more times to remove the excess water and allow the tiles to dry naturally. Try not to use harsh cleaning agents on slate tiles as it can strip them of their sealants.

Cleaning kitchen tiles

Kitchen tiles are probably more susceptible to being stained. The simple mopping that you do to clean regular tiles might not work to remove stubborn stains. What you need is to take an aggressive approach to cleaning. Use nylon scrubbing pads and chlorine-free cleaner, spray the solution directly on the stain and wait for few seconds. Once the stain is soaked through, it will be much easier to clean it away. Using the nylon pad, scrub the stain away in a circular motion. If you are using any new cleaning agents, make sure to test them on a small surface area to check for any adverse reactions before you clean the entire floor with the cleaning agent.

Cleaning Saltillo tiles

Saltillo tiles are very much in vogue today. Unlike other tiling options, Saltillo tiles are naturally produced from sun-dried clay. These tiles have a stunning rustic charm to them that is incomparable. A lot more care needs to be given when it comes to cleaning Saltillo tiles. Even though Saltillo tiles are sturdy, they have a very delicate surface that is prone to chipping and starching over time. Before you start with the cleaning, check the surface for any visible cracks. If there are any major cracks on the tiles, seal them off. Start by removing the dirt from the surface using a broom or vacuum with brush attachment. Use plain water to wash the tiles; opt for a cleaning agent that is mild and specifically designed to clean Saltillo tiles. Complete the process by polishing the floors; waxing is not suitable for Saltillo, but polishing sure is.

Cleaning glass tiles

Cleaning glass can be tricky as ever. What you need is vinegar, a soft bristled brush and lipid warm water. Spray the solution on the tile, leave it for few minutes to saturate and scrub it away, and make sure you clean the grouts between the tiles.

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