29 Rustic Kitchen Ideas

It has been proven that, when home shopping, the more someone likes the kitchen, the more likely they are to buy the house. With that said, it is incredible how much people love their kitchens. Whenever someone is doing work on their home, it is generally in the kitchen, trying to make that one room welcoming and warm always seems to be the front of people minds. But there are ways to improve the look and feel of your kitchen without emptying your savings account. A rustic, country theme is a great way for your kitchen to feel natural and inviting for anyone who enters. And one of the best ways to give you kitchen that feel is when a country kitchen rug.

Country kitchen rugs come in a variety of colors and shapes. The simplicity or complexity of the rug is completely up to you. It will probably astound you at the number of options that are available at the stores today. You will have no problems finding a country kitchen rug that not only matches your personality, but also your kitchen curtains. You may even find yourself purchasing more than one rug to either put in many places if you have a larger kitchen, or just to rotate the styles when you get tired of one. Decorating with a country theme is not hard either. Simple old pottery pieces, even if they are broken, are a great match to this style. Also any old wooden kitchen tools make great accent pieces when randomly hung about the kitchen walls. Just think of your grandma's kitchen and let your kitchen bring those memories of her cooking back to you.

As I said before, the size of your kitchen is going to play a roll in this decorating process. You obviously do not want a huge rug if you have a small kitchen, but you also do not want a tiny rug if you have a large kitchen. Look at the range of country kitchen rugs available to you and match up the size of your kitchen to the size of the rug. There will be a number of choices once you have found the proper size for your kitchen. Everything from nylon to wool and cotton to acrylic or any combination of fabrics is available. There are even woven rag rugs, which are best for kitchens. Watch which rug you purchase also, some rugs are easy to maintain and clean, while others can be a hassle. You will want to stick with something that is machine washable since you may end up spilling on the rug occasionally. With that in mind though, the first few times you wash the rug you might want to keep it separate from other clothing since the colors could run. When selecting a style of rug, enjoy it and find something that matches your personality.

Certain colors will certainly be more appealing also. Often times mixing a bright, bold color such as a rich, deep red with a more earthy tone such as a soft, gentle green really make the room come alive. Don't be afraid of brighter colors. Bright colors will spice up the kitchen and make it feel more welcoming and not so dark. Location is another decision you will have to face. Generally in front of the sink is a great place for a kitchen rug, since you will often be standing in that one place for a while. Other place would include in front of the stove, or where you normally stand at the counter to prepare food. No matter where you place it, the kitchen rug will ensure that you won't slip and the spills won't stain your floor. Now that you have everything in place you can throw a few more antiques and pictures up and you suddenly have a cozy, welcoming country kitchen, just like the one your grandmother use to have. You won't have to lose your modern appliances either. Just decorate around them and be ready to soak in the rustic, country kitchen you have just created in your home.

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