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A relatively unknown fact is that clothes are always designed by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright to fit with the colours, designs and styles of the residences of his clients. (Hmmm... What a surprise it would be for the guest, after one too many martinis, to realize that he was discussing man's origin with the kitchen wall.) It was also claimed that one way to determine the customer's color preferences is simply to look beyond the skeleton in the closet to the colors in the hangars. This idea begins me to wonder why I wasn't inclined to paint my home and any of my clients in a variety of matte to high gloss enamel black or white with Ralph Lauren's faux denim as another choice. (So, let's say that if this approach actually succeeded the practice of residential interior design would soon become obsolete.) But there is one more technique worth mentioning, as it has regained itself as a chic solution and is embedded in Feng Shui's ancient art. Here, with ultimate modern efficiency, you can achieve appropriate color and good karma at the same time.

Allowing the cynic to subside in me, I do not intend to throw these ancient and modern approaches completely aside, but I would also like to find other recommendations that will take into account the natural lighting conditions, colour effects and current color patterns as another option for paint choice.

SELECTING COLORS THAT WORK: natural lighting: it clearly brightens and accentuates more light while creating less shadows and dulls colour. And, due to natural lighting conditions that also change and affect color values throughout the day, one color on a wall could be completely different on another. The orientation of each room will also need to be addressed as more cool blue casts are given to northern exposure rooms and hotter reds and yellows are given to southern exposures. While many color standards warn against using the same color cast, this will actually be a personal choice. (De gustibus, non est disputandum.) Blues can also be brilliant and comfortable in eastern exposures due to the natural cool light effects. Fire red on a southern exposure wall can also create high impact suitable for a specific room requiring a dramatic effect. So, whether you're using a cooler color to tone down a southern exposure or a warmer color to support it ultimately depends on the effect you're trying to achieve.

Color Intensity: Another difficulty is how to visualize the impact that a color sample of one inch will have throughout the house. If your space absorbs plenty of natural light, try softening or neutralizing the brightness. Otherwise the result might be too intense for comfort. Colour Trends: Color influences everything from vehicles to make-up, upholstery, clothes, and well, just name it. Knowing these patterns can help to determine when to replace an aging color and provide newly upgraded alternatives. At this time the lighter ones, especially darker taupes, were replaced by the darker neutrals. Slate and charcoal grays are also new to the map as a clever alternative to taupe and a subdued version of the impossible black. Camel is and will remain the neutral classic and elegant that fits with all colors. These three styles work beautifully in the selection of black, yellow, turquoise and avocado with bolder chic accent shades. Let's switch to color effects and some of Benjamin Moore's other suggestions.

Color Psychological Effects: While color influences our mood and actions, it also expresses our personalities and desires. Next, consider the effect that you are trying to achieve. Originally, most responses can be received by simply describing how you want your space to be viewed. Here are some of Benjamin Moore's iconic color combinations with some fashionable hue tips.

Red: Fire and love. Aggressive and bold. It's bold. A strong Feng Shui light for wealth and popularity. This draws both curiosity and enthusiasm while being vocal, rejuvenating, and emotional.

Pink: Femininity, gentleness, empathy, commitment.

Orange: nature's bright and high-energy hue. It's the color that goes out: friendly, joyful, and happy. This provides order without undue command. It can also reduce irritability.

Yellow: Great color for study promotion. It is happy, constructive, and promotes recollection and clarity of mind. Like the wind, though, it needed only minimal exposure. This is a pigment that is difficult to process for the eye.

Green. A powerful and popular eye-friendly paint. It is a hue for warmth and happiness, stability and harmony. Darker green represents wealth and creativity, pride, rejuvenation, tolerance, attention, and security. .

Blue: The clear blue sky is calm and inspirational. It's soothing and renewing like rain. Symbolic of trust and durability, often related to leisure, authority and power. Patience and dark blue, impulsivity is expressed in light blue.

Purple: the royalty hue. This contains love, creativity, passion, and spirituality, and fosters intelligence, respect, motivation, and stillness. This is the color of beauty and sophistication.

Black: Non-compromising. Sophisticated colour, beauty, integrity and energy, indicating aloofness and mystery.

White: Perfect balance and secret principles of light. Purity, sterility, sharpness, and morality are suggested. This covers the entire spectrum of colors.

Gray: It loses assertiveness in both black and white, but it compensates by showing intellect and a sense of control and self-confidence.

Brown: Conveys love and security, honesty, unity, and masculinity.

The home is, of course, a true reflection of ourselves, our values and expectations, so be patient, pick carefully and learn yourself!

You know, as far back as I can remember, there has been some kind of decorative wall shelving in every home of mine. I can remember my father putting up decorative wall shelf in our living room, all the bedrooms, dining room and kitchen. You might say that my father was a handyman and he loved to remodel our home over the years just to give it a new and interesting look. If you are looking to add an attractive look to your living room, then I suggest decorative wall shelf. Adding one or two 24 inch wide wall shelving units to one of the walls of your living room and putting a floral arrangement or some sort of decorative vase or crystal art will add a warm comfortable feel to the room. There are so many decorative pieces to place on decorative wall shelves. I'm sure there is something you could think of to make your wall shelves special. Depending on the theme and type of furniture in the room, wood finishes in oak, maple or walnut are available to blend in well with your decor. Of course, you can go with solid colors of white or black or with the choice of any color you wish to paint these wall shelves. In the bedroom, you might want to install a shelving unit called a display ledge. These wall shelves are floating because you do not see any means of support below these shelves. Depending on the size of the wall and the location in the room, you might want to install multiple shelves on the same wall in different sizes and levels.

This gives a classic look and a comfortable feel to the bedroom. In the dining room you might want to go with a decorative wall shelf called the wrought iron wall bracket. This wall shelf features a dark wood shelf with an artfully crafted wrought iron support. The support is below the wood shelf is artfully twisted wrought iron in a rust color making this magnificent piece 33 inches tall. Depending on how much wall space you have, either one of these or two of these offset would add an elegant feel to anyone's dining room. There is so much to choose from when it comes to wall shelving for your dining room. Only you know exactly what will complete the look of your dining room. Decorative wall shelf for your kitchen is also a matter of what style or theme you have established in your kitchen. Contemporary kitchens have a great deal of stainless steel. Retro kitchens have bright colorful walls usually wallpapered with metal kitchen sets. Country kitchens have farm animal themes, wild flowers and wild birds. These kitchens have decorative wall shelves available in an assortment of charming styles. Some kitchens are tiled walls and backsplashes, while others are painted walls with food and beverage art around the room. Some kitchens have stained wood cabinetry while other kitchen cabinets are painted solid colors. In order to select the perfect match decorative wall shelf to complete your kitchen, you have to compare your style kitchen with a wall shelf style that will add to the feel of the room. Decorative wall shelf serves two purposes.

First and foremost, the wall shelf must compliment the decor of the room. There is nothing better than walking into the room and a feeling of pride and joy comes over you. The second purpose of decorative wall shelf is to display your prized possessions. That could be something as simple as a decorative candle or some sort of small artful objects that you wish to display. When you take the time to explore the wonderful world of decorative wall shelf, you will see that you have an abundant amount of styles and features to choose from. Do yourself a favor and go online right now to see how amazing these wall shelves truly are. You will definitely be surprised and pleased.

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