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Were you aware that the manner in which you place furniture in a living room can go a long way towards deciding the apparent size of the space concerned? To accept it, all you have to do is enter one of the living rooms where there is a flawed arrangement of furniture; and where the rooms end up looking small and cramped as a result. Often, that said rooms are not generally particularly small. The furniture items in the rooms are not particularly large either. But it's just how the furniture is laid out that can make the room look small and cramped. On the other hand, we have situations where people have been known to make rooms that were indeed very small to look large and comfortable through intelligent furniture layout. This is where a person with what is, logically speaking, a very small house ends up getting remarks about how large their house is, purely because of how they place the furniture in it. At this point, it is worth remembering that the perception of a person is usually their reality. So, if your living room looks big to them (just because of how you've designed the furniture in it), they're not going to believe that the house' looks big'-but rather that the space is' actually big.' All that, then, brings us to the question of how to lay out furniture in a living room and make it look bigger.

Already preparation is the first step in laying out a living room to make it look larger. You should hopefully get the design correct on paper; before you try to get it right in the actual space. Using versatile (multi-functional) furniture can help you save space when it comes to the actual layout and effectively make the room look bigger. Remember, not only the size of furniture in a room can make it look small, but also the number of separate items of furniture' crammed' into the room. So to the extent that you have versatile pieces of furniture, you reduce the number of separate items in the room, making it look bigger. You do this without compromising the comfort of the users of the room, as the few versatile items end up doing what the many separate items would end up doing).

Putting the larger furnishings right against the wall so that the space is 'uninterrupted' towards the center is another step you can take to make your living room look larger. You just have to see the change that this one move can bring in thinking before you can accept it. Painting the living room walls so that their hue fuses with that of (at least some) the key pieces of furniture can also go a long way towards providing an incredibly realistic impression of space bigness, when in reality the living room can actually be a tiny crib. When you choose to build an impression of bigness with respect to your living room, it would be prudent to consider putting at angles the furniture you want to place in the space in the middle of the room. It not only creates the impression of space, but also makes the whole scheme seem less linear to the eye.

The optimal discussion area is to position a pair of sofas to face each other. To accentuate a focus point in the room, such as a fireplace or picture window, position the front-facing sofas. Place the two sofas in front of each other, for example, with the fireplace centered at the open end of the sofa. The chosen rug has to match the paint or cover of the floor. This is going to make the space a lot bigger. For soothing colors, lighter shades of blue and green make them perfect for bedrooms. Use neutral tones such as sandstone, beige and light gray finishes when it comes to living rooms. The optimal discussion area is to position a pair of sofas to face each other. To accentuate a focus point in the room, such as a fireplace or picture window, position the front-facing sofas. For instance, place the two sofas facing each other, centered on the fireplace at the open end of the sofa arrangement.

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