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There are so many ideas to decorate the living room, from glamorous to elegant to country chic. Nonetheless, most decorators would tell you that the best way to design and decorate a stunning living room is to master the fundamentals. The basic ideas for decorating the living room are simple: wall coverings, floor coverings and furniture. You want things to be neutral and comfortable in these three areas so they're going to be long-lasting and always in style. Get trendy in other areas of the house, such as storage and lighting-basically things that won't be too expensive to replace if you get sick of it. The real creative fun begins once the walls, floors and furniture are set. Now it's time to add the special touches that make your own home. A wide range of living room decorating designs can be used to turn a blank canvas into your dreams ' cozy living room. Here we're going to cover a few simple and easy ways to use lighting, color and storage to improve your living room decor.

As a decorating device, lighting is often ignored, as it is also practical. The most valuable decorations are items that have a function and can improve the decor of a room, because they have a dual purpose. The lights set the atmosphere of a room, so a living room should be relaxed and not too bright. If the room is big, don't shy away from the big lamps to make a bold statement of style. On the other hand, in a small living room, don't use anything too big. When decorating and keeping things appealing to the eye, always try to create a balance. Don't forget to add some color. That doesn't mean a bright green sofa. Keep the couch neutral and get a punch of color with some brightly colored throw pillows and blankets. Flowers also bring a nice touch of colour, and fresh flowers that are lightly scented will actually add life to a living room. As long as they are beautiful and not overdone, soft flowers are perfect. Wall coverings, such as drawings or photos, carry in a space both light and personality. This is a perfect way to express your style and make your room feel full and put together. If you have a large painting or photograph, consider using it as the room's focal point. Draw the colours out and use them to tie everything together in certain parts of the room to make the whole room look like a seamless piece of art.

That room needs storage as well, and this is one of the easiest ways to enhance the furniture and show a style of decor. It is easy to paint buckets and bins to suit the space and use them to store anything from blankets to pillows to newspapers to DVDs. Be creative and every now and then step out of the box. This is the best way to create a true reflection of you in your decoration. Keep the heavier blankets on the bottom if you fold blankets and place them on a shelf. Don't put anything on top of the comforters down. In pillow cases, shop covers. Fold the sheets and place them in the matching pillowcase to keep the sheet sets together. Try to find a cotton or cloth bag to cover them in if they are to be put away for a period of time. The zippered plastic rectangular cover that doonas is often packaged in is an excellent second use for packaging that would otherwise be thrown away.

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Replace the baking soda package every three to four months with a fresh one. Install louvered doors on wardrobes to facilitate ventilation inside the wardrobe. Fresh air going through the wardrobe of the storage encourages odors in the room. Spray daily blankets and comforters with a refresher cloth or fragrant linen spray. While a plastic bag may seem the perfect way to keep dust and debris off the blankets while they are being packed, the plastic might be troublesome in practice. In humid weather, a completely airtight bag may keep in moisture, which ensures that the blankets are moist and possibly mildewy or musty.

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