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To the original consumer buyer, all components and finishes of the Delta faucet are recommended to be free from product and workmanship flaws as long as the original consumer buyer retains their house. This warranty only extends to faucets made after 1 January 1995 by Delta. Is it interchangeable with Delta faucets? Yes, the handles of the faucet match the same arrangement, but they are not consistent with the rest of the finish. Delta faucets are designed to fit most Delta handles. Based on the function of the faucet, handle types are mostly available in different sizes. The number of the model is printed on a tag attached to the faucet's cold water supply line.

Through filling out our Contact Us form, you can contact the Customer Service team and send a message directly to Customer Service. You should dial our Customer Service Number 1-800-345-DELTA (3358) and chat to a representative. The number of the model / series is usually a four-or five-digit number starting with "7" or "8," and letters that follow. The number of the series can sometimes be found on the spout's underside. The number of the sequence is often found at the bottom of the spout on the back of the decorative circle. These cost around $30 (2014) to upgrade the unit, but they last a long time— 20 to 30 years. It's not a bad deal, and unlike new ceramic faucets, Moen also uses the same part that was made 40 years ago in valve bodies!

In most cases, faucet repair parts are interchangeable for both Delta and Peerless. Delta and Peerless used the same combination of ball, seat and spring as their primary operating mechanism until 2010. In 2010, when switching to a new cartridge technology, Delta distanced itself from Peerless. The company is based in Indianapolis, Ind., and runs three plants in the Midwest (see Figure 2). So insure that our faucets look and work perfectly, Delta Faucet Company treats performance as an integral part of the manufacturing process. One (1) year from the original product buyer or business user's buying date. Delta Faucet Company can restore or remove any component that is faulty in material and/or workmanship under regular operation, use and service free of charge during the relevant warranty period.

Where do I start? Having decided that your kitchen is in need of a revamp you now have to plan what features it will have. It may be that you require more work and cupboard space. Your existing appliances may not offer you the specifications you require and your lighting may be inadequate. Whatever your needs you need to identify the design that best suits your needs and here we'll attempt to assist you with our view on how best to achieve this.

Kitchen layouts fall into four categories:

Galley or corridor - For narrow rooms with an entry and exit point at opposite ends.

One wall kitchen - More popular in apartment dwellings where space is at a premium

L-shaped - If the existing room is interrupted by doors entering on two adjoining walls but wide enough to accommodate corner cabinets, an L-shaped kitchen is the most appropriate configuration. U-shaped kitchens are suitable for rooms uninterrupted on three elevations and in some cases, if the room is wide enough, the U shape may return as a peninsular or against the fourth entry wall Add to the above the ability to incorporate an island configuration in your room and you have ability to determine which style of kitchen best suits your room. Most importantly in the order of priority, recording the dimensions of your room is the first task. Measuring up for your kitchen Next up is measuring your room in a way that will ensure easy transfer of your plans to paper.Proceed as follows

Measure ceiling heights - Cabinets come in a variety of heights and your floor to ceiling height will determine which height cabinet is best suited to your room.

Measure up your windows and doors - in addition measure the distances from each side of the aperture to the adjacent walls, from the lower sill to the floor and from the ceiling to the upper reveal of the window. The rules here also apply for any protrusions such as boxing in or pillars. "When measuring lengths between walls hold the tape measure 600mm from the each end to simulate how the cabinet fronts will sit. This, of course, is easier if you are measuring over existing cabinetry and a centre mark will provide more accuracy if you measure to it from both sides and add the measurements.

Check for plumb (vertical level) - It is advisable to rectify any defective plastering prior to the installation of cupboards and where a right angled corner wall cupboard is being installed it is essential that the relevant plastering is square and plumb to ensure a satisfactory alignment of the installation. You risk affecting the correct alignment of extractor and hob if attention is not given to out of plumb walls.

Check floor levels - use a long spirit level to determine the level of your floor and, using the "600mm rule"(measuring this distance from the wall to simulate the plinth), will determine if any rectification or floor-leveling compound is required prior to installation. The criteria for an acceptable finish is in your own hands but I would suggest that a difference in level of more than 15mm will require pre-leveling before installing cabinets.

Services - determine the dimension of any services that are sited in your kitchen such as mains water pipes, soil pipes or mains electricity/gas supplies. Again, measure their relative distance from both elevations and detail these in your plan before commencing design. Transferring them to your plan will avoid any complications with appliance obstruction. Cabinetry can always be altered to accommodate services but appliances can't.

Checking your corner for square - As the standard worktop size is 600mm, a square template approximately this size will give you the best indication of a whether your corner is square. A shelf or purpose made square placed against the corner will determine any rectification work required before installation. Of course worktops can be scribed to suit the contours of the wall but it is advisable to achieve as square as possible a finish for aesthetic purposes. Replacement doors and worktops Of course, some of the above can be ignored if you are simply replacing doors and worktops but you will need to detail the position of existing hinge holes to make for easier replacement.


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