23 Grey Shabby Chic Bathroom Decor

Are you bored of looking at the same decor in your rooms but can't afford a major overhaul during the current credit crunch? Below are some simple tips on how to add new energy into your home and provide some much needed change of scenery without having to spend too much money. Contrast with some colour Adding colour can provide an instant tonic for a tired room. It is however important to select the correct colour to provide the appropriate ambience required for that particular room. For example primary colours are better suited to a children's playroom rather than a living room and bright colours like pink or yellow would not be restful in a bedroom. It is better to use calmer shades for bedrooms and living areas like pale pink or blue to help create a relaxing calm in that room. Bold colours are better used in a dining room or kitchen particularly if your kitchen looks out onto your garden. Colours that work particularly well in the kitchen are bright lime green or orange. Bright splashes of colour can be added effectively through linen and kitchenware. Create a feature wall A great way to make a statement in a room is by creating a feature wall.

This can be achieved by painting or wallpapering a wall in a bold paint or pattern to create a dramatic effect. Horizontal stripes can give a striking new look to a room whereas painting the wall behind your bed in a vibrant colour like red could suddenly make your bed the focal point of the room. Add a touch of Autumn It is important when choosing colours for a room that you select colours that will be appropriate for both warm summer evenings and dark winters nights. One easy way to achieve this would be to keep your colour scheme within the rooms neutral and accessorise to accommodate the different seasons. This can be achieved by using soft coloured contrasting cushions and vases for the summer. Whereas in the autumn the cushions could be changed to darker cosier colours such as russet. This look could be further enhanced by using rugs and throws in warm colours. A scented candle could also be lit to provide a warm glow which can be very welcoming to guests particularly when placed in a hallway. You could also update any bright white furniture with a coat of paint in a soft shade of cream for a cosy autumn revamp. You could even enlist nature's help by using colourful foliage from your garden such as berries and place them in a glass jar or vase to create extra colour saving on the expense of having to go to the florist.

Keep up with the latest fashion Accessories can be useful and cost effective in helping to keep your rooms up to date with current trends. For example to comply with this season's coastal theme a few bottle vases or rush oval baskets could be used. Or if you want to keep up with the current season's colours dark grey and black work well together to make a grand statement whereas silver and white team up well with this season's light grey all of which help to create sophistication. These combinations can be achieved by using any number of accessories including introducing these colours as part of your of table setting. Even a stairway could be transformed merely by having the stair runners wallpapered in a wallpaper of your choice. You could also add fun and a colourful element to your bathroom simply by choosing towels and accessories in exciting new shades. There are endless ways available to cheaply transform any room on a budget simply by painting a wall a different colour or by merely accessorising wisely. One point to always remember is that it is better to limit colours to soft furnishings or walls and not both. It is also wise to choose colours wisely and to choose a last able colour and not merely a fleeting seasonal fad. This will ensure that you get value for any money spent.

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