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Kitchens are the focus of homes, and even the most cost-conscious homeowner can want to add a few touches to make the kitchen trendy or refurbish it. Installing a new backsplash to spruce the kitchen can have a very big impact. Backsplashes built with the intention of capturing food that may unintentionally fall on the walls can also be a way to update the kitchen cheaply. The many different types of products used to produce backsplashes will render the 18-20 inch gap between the wall cabinets and the countertop and make it look like a piece of art. 2-4 inch ceramic tile is the option that is the most popular choice for kitchen backsplashes as well as the most budget conscious product. The ways these tiles can be bought are either online retailers or local stores, and they are very basic in style and design. Being a very inexpensive and durable option, the tile's price varies depending on the style. The price range will vary from $1 per tile to $20 for handmade tiles. Therefore, the glaze and firing decide the tile size.

Choosing a tile that is inexpensive for trimming and filing and a mosaic or glass tile that is uniquely modeled for the liner is a way to add more punch at a lower price. Marble can be placed on the diagonal to get a cool look and use the marble alone in the counter area instead of using it through the kitchen can also give a great look at a lower cost.

For more than ordinary tile-checkout the following:

Mosaic Tile-This is the most popular choice lately and can be used to make mosaics with a variety of glass. Usually the price of these tiles is $12 per square foot.

Fused Glass and Ceramic Tile Murals-glass or tile wall tiles will produce a look that is beautiful in the kitchen. The cost of these tiles is high, varying even at the lower end from $50-$80 per square foot.

Glass Tiles-The cost of these is around $27 per square foot of traditional colors and custom-made designs is much more costly. Due to the quality they do not rust, these tiles are very easy to clean.

Stainless Steel-The way to go is to look very new and very elegant. Though, the drawbacks are that there is a potential to reveal a lot of splatters and stains; though, quilted or polished finishes hold it to a minimum. The Barkeeper's Friend product works with quick baking soda to absorb stains that can not be cared for. The typical cost depends on the quality, varying from $30 to $100 per square foot.

Checkout the following for an unexpected touch or imaginative decor.

3-D Collage–It's fun and easy to make and do, a transparent resin backsplash helps you to insert items into it.

Pressed Tin Tiles-Using tin to make different patterns and shapes and styles, this concept is a fashionable idea and revamping old tin tiles will produce eye-popping pressures. The price, too, is not much.

Geometric Glass Tiles-Small tiles of various colors and textures that render the style you like.

Mirrored Backsplashes-Thermo-foil is used to make very solid backsplashes without splitting, cracking or chiping.

Natural Stone-The flexibility offered is comparable to tile and marble, brushed granite and tumbled stone are other possible options. To avoid staining, it is necessary to treat and seal porous material.

Plate Glass-Clear glass panels are used to add a style of their own and are easy to clean and stain proof.

Glass block— Huge building is required and the glass block looks really cooked. This also has laundry equipment and provides a lot of natural light to the kitchen.

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