26 Give A Light Oak Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

The kitchen may only take up a small part of your house, but you shouldn't forget it's a fantastic center. With some fun kitchen cabinet designs, you will add a refreshing new look to your home suitable for an ideal makeover. So what are the easiest and most economical options to replace your kitchen's old look?

Paint them all

This might be one of the most economical ways to restore your cabinets. If you just paint them, you will be able to remove all the grease and grime that is caused by cooking. Of course, before you even start painting, it is important that you clean it well.


Instead of replacing all your cabinets, great ideas for the kitchen cabinet can just begin with refacing. Also make sure the wood's current status is not yet blurred or ruined so that the new look you're talking about is going to last for a long time. Think of a certain style of paint and some sort of finish you want to see in the rest of the kitchen. If you go for a traditional look, it's best to reface with some sort of maple or oak finish. The pine can make some country side feel and finish with some stain or laminate everything to top it off.

Changing Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet concepts can also generate a great change by removing all the old hardware. Only make sure the new collections are fit to match your latest furniture design and other home accessories. The dark styles of hardware better suit the light finishes if you want a fast guideline or rule. It is also very critical that the correct tests are not skipped until you delete them all.

Countertops Replacement

Kitchen cabinet ideas also include the many types of countertops you can find in today's market. First, better measure all your options, do some thorough research, and choose the surface that would satisfy all your kitchen needs. When you intend to do it on your own and save time, resurfacing the entire countertop with a plastic laminate is the most practical thing you can do. All these are a few, easy tips on how to make your kitchen and cabinets look brand new in the most convenient way.

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