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Organizing the Master Bedroom Does your house need a major clean-up? If you want to learn how to clean your house in half the time, there is a way. It will look much better; you will feel better about how it and your house will once more be the beautiful home that you know it can be if it were not so messy. The first place you should start is the master bedroom. This will allow you to get your room in order and it can go back to being the sanctuary you need after a hard day. The room needs to be in great order and void of clutter so that it can be that special take me away' room that you need when the stress of the day becomes too much. Your room needs to be up to date and comfortable. The simplest way to accomplish this is to pitch in and get started. Stand back and look at your bedroom from a viewpoint of a stranger.

What needs to be done first? The laundry needs to be gathered so get them all together in a basket and haul them to the laundry room. This might seem like a little step but it will make a difference. In bedrooms and certain other rooms of the home there is an unspoken rule that says flat surfaces should be clear. Too many not needed knacks sitting around and it looks cluttered. Keep them clear and your room will start to develop that peaceful atmosphere that you are trying to accomplish. Grab a couple of boxes or bags and pick up everything you do not need. This will be the trash and the rest of the dust collectors can be packed to be put away. When you get the trash all gathered into a garbage bag, take this out and take all the other items you have picked up to the garage, basement or elsewhere. Make sure you dust all your bedroom furniture. Take another look around and see what is still in the room that could be removed. Remember, the ultimate outcome here is to have an uncluttered room. If you still see things on the dressers, headboard and other flat surfaces that seem to be taking up too much room go through again and remove these things as well. Take a long, hard look at the things you are picking up. If they are things you do not use or can do without, either consider donating them to a women shelter or a church for their annual rummage sale.

Your next step is the floor. Pick up everything that is on it that does not belong. Shoes can be put away. Trash can be thrown away. Everything that has a place should be picked up and put away. This should not take long at all. Then you can clean the floor either by sweeping or mopping. Of course, as you know windows is one of the aspects of your bedroom that can make a big difference. If they are dirty, you will not get the wonderful view that you should have. Clean the windows inside and out, the ledges, and get them in shape. You will be surprised at how much better your room will look just by doing this. Your dressers and closets should be next. This is a good time to do some sorting. Go through the closet and gather all the things that you do not wear anymore. If you have not worn it in a couple of months, you probably are not going to wear it. So clear out and get rid of things you do not need. This is the time to be strict and stop hanging onto things you do not need. There might be a few surprises in the closet. You might find a few things you had forgotten about having. Forget about keeping things you think you may lose enough weight to get into. When the time comes that you reach your goal, you can buy new clothes. For now, you need to get rid of the ones that are hanging around making you feel guilty that you have not lost the weight yet. Go through and get rid of the clothes that are reduced to dusting rags and the ones that are in good shape can be donated.

There are always consignment shops and yard sales if you have some that are in really good shape. Keep only the clothes that you can wear and that fit you now. Take the clothes you have kept and organize them. The shirts should hang together, pants together and so forth. The dressers should be next. The drawers should all be pulled out and emptied. Get rid of everything that is in bad shape, things you cannot wear and anything you do not want. The good things you do not want can be donated and/or sold. The drawers can be put back with everything in its place and folded neatly. Now take a look at your curtains and bedding. If they are still in style and you like them, fine. They could probably use cleaning so get that out of the way next. You can wash all your curtains and bedspread, shams and dust ruffle. How to WashThese items can most likely be washed in your washer. Use the gentle cycle and dry them outdoors for a fresh clean smell. When they are dry, replace everything and you will be amazed at what you have done to change the look of your room. If you are not happy with your bedroom decor, you can find new curtains, a bedspread and accessories. Many of these items are available at retail outlets that are not that expensive. The room is now in much better shape than it has been for a long time. It is finally the clean, uncluttered room that you can use to get away from everyone. This is not the only room that will benefit from your expertise. There are other rooms in your home that can be just as good looking as your bedroom. Updating the other rooms and cleaning them can allow everyone to have their own sanctuary.

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