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Your bedroom is the place where you unwind, relax, make love so decorate it in such a way that invites you to do just that. It is definitely not a place for a family to hang out or your unpaid bills, dirty laundry, books and all that clutter. Here are few tips on how you can you create a romantic haven in your bedroom

1. Repaint your bedroom This is the first and a very important step in making your bedroom a romantic haven. Get out all the furniture from your bedroom and paint it in the colours of love - pinks, or pastel shades with one wall in a dark colour accentuating the favourite wall or the corner in your bedroom. In case you don't want to repaint the bedroom, you can opt for some nice wallpapers to bring the freshness to your soon to be love nest.

2. Perfect size bed After you have finished painting or putting the wallpaper now it's time to select the perfect size bed for your bedroom. Remember even if you are short on storage space never compromise on your bed. The bed in the children's room can act as a storage box but not yours. So choose a bed that is sturdy, elegant and fits into your room perfectly. Ideally you should go for king size bed but if your bedroom is small then you can also opt for queen size. After you have decided on the bed, choose a mattress to go with the bed. Remember to choose a mattress that not only gives you comfort while sleeping but also while you are getting downright dirty with your partner.

3. Bed sheets, bedspreads, and Pillows Add to the romantic feel of the room with silk, satin and sateen bedspreads and bed sheets. Put pillows of various sizes, shapes, and colour onto the bed for a cosy, romantic feel. However ensure that the colour scheme has been maintained through out.

4. Colours Add loads of colours in your bedroom by either hanging colourful art work or sheer curtains and draperies in various pastel shades. You can also use pink bulbs for that soft romantic lighting. Colours will add spark not only to your bedroom but also to your life.

5. Candles Romance and candles go hand in hand. So purchase all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours, aroma, floating ones, tea light, normal, and ivory candles and spread them in your room. And then see your room come alive.

6. Flowers You can either go for fresh flowers which will not only spread fragrance in your love nest but will also add more colour to it. But you can also go for silk flowers in reds, whites, and pinks.

7. Get rid of family things Alright! So you have managed to create a romantic bedroom but what about the family things that are still lying in your room. Get rid of family things from your bedroom and put them in the living room. Family photographs can go in the living room; unpaid and paid bills can be filed neatly and kept in the study. In case you don't have study then put them in a cupboard - hidden from the view. Dirty laundry can either go into the laundry basket in the bathroom or in the washing room.

8. Put a do not disturb sign outside your bedroom You have got rid of the family things from your bedroom, you are ready for the romantic interlude, but before you that don't forget to hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside your bedroom door. And in case it is not feasible to do so for any reason then follow the next step.

9. Ask people to knock before entering It is a basic courtesy to knock before entering any room, however some parents tend to make fun of it saying there is no privacy issue between children and parents. And this is where most parents go wrong. If you are living with your in laws make it clear that they should knock before entering your bedroom. And a knock means a soft knock not the door banging, which some mothers are guilty of. Also if you have children at home, ensure that they also know that they are not allowed to barge in your bedroom. They have to knock and wait for your approval before they can enter your room. 10. Music Now that you have taken care of almost everything, so now is the time to get cozy with your partner. Put on some soft music and let your bodies sway to the music. These are just few ideas for you to create your own love nest. Use your creativity to come up with more such ideas.

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