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In the old days, according to the prevailing trend, people tended to decorate their homes without too much concern for their own tastes. We are usually more inclined to put our personal stamp on our living space these days, while still drawing inspiration and ideas from magazines for interior design and TV shows. This is a major reason why an increasing number of people are now in an unfinished state purchasing tables, chairs, dressers, beds, kitchen cabinets and many other furniture pieces and customizing them to suit their current decoration and color scheme. You could easily match a newly purchased product to those already in the room with unfinished furniture. You can gradually add parts over time without having to worry about discontinuing a particular range, as unfinished furniture tends to come in basic shapes and designs that won't easily go out of style. Naturally, by redoing items you have had for a while in a different finish or color, you can also change the look of your home at any point.

Is this solid wood really? Today's most unfinished furniture on the market is made of solid wood, while pieces marked "all wood" can also be found. This is not solid wood, but a composite of wood chips and resins like plywood or chipboard, which is covered with a thin wood veneer. While the unfinished furniture of "pure wood" will cost you less than the equivalent of solid wood, it will not last as long or be as durable as the real thing. Because you still pay a relatively low price for your unfinished furniture, if possible, you should go for real wood. The good thing about buying unfinished solid wood parts is that you can see precisely what the wood looks like, and the maker has no way of hiding knots, weak points or other flaws that undermine the item's structure. What you see, in other words, is what you get. Search for furniture that is approved by the Unfinished Furniture Association for guaranteed top quality wood. Many unfinished solid wood rows are made of hard woods such as oak, maple, eucalyptus and beech, while others are made of soft woods such as pine, cedar, redwood and spruce.

Hard woods stand up to the rigors of family use as you would imagine, while soft woods can crack or dent relatively easily. It makes soft woods perfect for finishing in an anxious or antiquated fashion, though. Finishing your latest purchase Unfinished furniture only requires a small amount of preparation before making your final choice. To remove dirt, simply wipe all surfaces with a slightly damp cloth and you're good to go. If you want to paint the object, the only exception is to simply brush it on a primer coat and let it dry before applying the paint. When it comes to completing your new furniture, you have a wide range of choices. This is your opportunity to express your imagination and personality and create a unique piece that is your own handiwork.

Painting, staining, waxing, shellacking, lacquering, mosaic inlays, stenciling, and fake effects such as distressing, marbling, and crackle-glazing are the most common finishing methods. Ideas to get you started You could paint bedroom furniture like beds, nightstands, dressers and vanities to match with the color of the wall or draperies, and perhaps add a stenciled design or distressed finish to make it your own. How about staining your dining room set to look elegant, put-together with the window frames and baseboards? A milk wash or limed finish could turn into a rustic farmhouse table a normal kitchen table in no time. Get your kids involved in creating fun furniture for their rooms, or stylish parts for the den that can be used by the entire family.

If you're getting very good at finishing your own furniture, why not use your skill to make lovely family and friends gifts. They don't need to be large pieces-an imaginatively decorated newspaper rack or key cabinet can make a great personalized gift. Or you could even turn your hobby into a profitable small business where you could order beautiful hand-finished pieces. Now that unfinished wood furniture has become so popular, many schools and colleges are offering finishing techniques courses, so there's no reason you can't jump on to that trend. Instead, you might want to talk to a qualified wood finisher and try and get some tips to get the look you want. Above all, enjoy the process, and you're going to have some beautiful pieces that you're going to cherish into the future.

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