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English style of the cottage. The English cottage style focuses on cozy, rustic elements of design, gently worn furniture, and charming antique decoration. ... With touches of conventional elegance and a splash of the beauty of design, this cottage-inspired decor must feel lived-in and welcoming. Design eye for design. Coziness and a friendship to nature are stressed in the English country style. Elements are drawn from English country homes, often with steep roofed roofs, manicured grounds, and effusive gardens. The design may be informal or formal, and the emphasis is not on style but on purpose.

Country is a wide-ranging style that depends on geographic location but is generally exemplified by primitive furniture, muted colors, milk-paint finishes and vintage fabrics. Furniture: Flea markets and Grandma's attic are the perfect places to find a country-themed home's treasures. Several designs retain the cottage-style elegance of the storybook. Usually smaller cottages have an asymmetrical design with a steep-pitched roof, both in footprint and curbside appearance. Homes in the cottage style feature natural texture siding materials including stone and concrete. "Many more materials are involved, while the English style is simpler." French country decoration is unique in that it uses a mixture of common farm animals and elegant, quaint birds. In a French country kitchen, you are also more likely to spot formal tapestries than in an English country kitchen.

Turn your kitchen into a laid-back, more welcoming room with ideas from our favorite cottage designs. Kitchens are a home's nucleus. It's where families come together, where dinners are shared, and where memories are often made. Such cottage kitchens show our best ideas for cottage kitchen. The distinction between cabin and cottage is that cabin is a small living room made of wood only, while cottage is a small living room made of many other materials. Typically a cottage is a small house. It can be an antique and new-fashioned house that holds the connotation. Generally a cottage is a small, yet comfortable dwelling in modern usage, usually in a rural or semi-rural area. ... The holiday cottage occurs under various names in many cultures. The main difference between Cottage and Bungalow is that usually the Cottage is a small house, and Bungalow is a style of building that was originally developed in South Asia's Bengal area, but is now seen all over the world.

The eternally charming English countryside is the inspiration for an English country style warm, cozy kitchen. Picture an English stonewall cottage with flower gardens outside the backdoor when unveiling by the kitchen hearth in the heat of a cup of tea, and picture a more formal cooking of a typical English country estate full of natural materials such as cherry wood, marble and stainless steel. This way, the order of the day is ease, heat and a welcoming atmosphere. Start by choosing Soft, Warm Colors Base your color palette on the shades found in an English country garden. Buttery orange, lavender or violet, light greens and blues are shades that can accentuate the hue of a white neutral wall and cooler red or yellow wall tones. Or use false techniques in painting to create rock or old plaster illusion.

Add Cabinetry in Wood Finishes Wood is the cornerstone of English country kitchens with simple, sturdy designs featured in plain, flat panel cabinet doors. Wood can be cleaned and pickled in white to create a well-loved, well-worn look, or polished steel and ceramic hardware can be used. Gleaming cherry wood is a popular option for countertops giving a warm appealing radiance to the kitchen Combined with a wooden countertop, you can find a portion of cooled marble for rolling out pastry dough or in a large English country kitchen serving a farmhouse or country house, stainless steel countertops can dominate the preparing and cleaning areas with a deep stainless steel sink. A country cottage kitchen has a greater chance of having a farm sink in the porcelain apron theme. Whether tucked into a hillside cottage or a grand farm, weathered, rustic and comfortably warm, homey appointments are normal in every English country kitchen. The kitchen should have a large table and rush seat chairs with soft cushions for the kitchen staff and home children, even in a traditional English country home.

An authentic touch is a rustic beamed ceiling or stone fireplace, and if your kitchen doesn't have these features, add features to complement the romantic cottage atmosphere. An old mantle from an antique store can be mounted against a wall and under it can be set a small electric fireplace designed to imitate an antique iron stove; top the stove with a kettle for brass tea and cheerful checkered tea towels. To give the illusion of an interactive screen, an old china hutch can be set in a corner. Using rugs, curtains, patchwork and woolen spreads for authentic detail, pillows and cushions, earthenware pitchers or old tea sets. Take care to keep things eclectic and not too matchy or pristine: chintz, chenille, plaids and tweeds come in big floral prints. An array of copper pans, iron skillets, brass pitchers and buckets can be placed on a pot rack above the stove or sink. Layer other unique accents on each wall.

Open plate racks are fitting with blue and white English china, as are bunches of herbs hanging in windows and fresh flowers gathered in an old vase or sugar cup. Add antique-looking wall art such as vintage dishes and plates, gold trays, and old English country motifs paintings. Accent the countertops with ceramic jars or clear glass apothecary jars stored with treats and staples, and of course the mix must include tea pots, tea cups, lemons, sugar bowls and creamers.

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