16 DIY Christmas Decor Bedroom

For any room, evergreen garlands, wreaths, and even trees are number one Christmas decor. If you have a chance, you can place and decorate a beautiful Christmas tree with lights and ornaments. If not, simply make an evergreen garland lit up and hang it over the bed and door. A few red bowed festive wreaths will make your bedroom a holiday-like one easily.

The bed is the focal point in any bedroom and it is extremely important to have its furniture–i.e. bedding. Reflect on choosing the right bedding and textiles: red and white Christmas bedding, elegant winter prints inspired by Scandinavia, gray and red fabrics and, of course, plaid bedding, which is common for these holidays. Attach blankets and pillows to the knit, cover and throw soft crochet pillows.

Lights create a Christmas feel at once, given the decor around them, which is why it is so important to add them to your home. Hang lights on your headboard or over your bed; hang them on your windows or, if you have it, decorate your tree. Perfectly plays!

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