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No matter how beautiful the tiles and fixtures in your bathroom are, without the warmth and comfort that soft textiles bring to the room, your bathroom may feel cold and uncomfortable. There's just something about the way a luxurious bath rug feels underneath your feet that adds an air of decadence to your bathroom. In addition, many bath rugs are available in stylish colors and patterns that can help your room achieve a professionally decorated appearance. Now that you're convinced that your bathroom needs to include a bath rug, you're ready to start shopping for one. There are many different types and varieties of rugs available for your purchase. Using a few key considerations, you'll be able to evaluate the features of each rug and choose the one that suits your bathroom. Moisture Resistance

The first thing you should look for when evaluating a rug for your bathroom is the rug's resistance to moisture. Traditional bath rugs are made of cotton or chenille and are able to withstand the high level of moisture that is prominent in bathrooms. If you flip a traditional bath rug over, you'll also see that it usually has a rubber backing to help it dry easier after it has absorbed water. A non-traditional bath rug, an area rug designed for use in another room of the home, can still be a viable option in your room if you pay attention to a couple of requirements. First, you shouldn't use a non-traditional bath rug in a part of the bathroom that gets wet. A location next to the tub or shower will certainly never work for a non-traditional bath rug, but if your rug is destined to warm up the floor in front of your bathroom vanity, you might be able to use an oriental or wool rug.

You'll also want to take care that your non-traditional bath rug is the right size for a bathroom. Many area rugs are designed for larger rooms, such as living rooms or dining rooms. Take care to measure the space in your bathroom carefully. You'd be awfully disappointed to unroll your new rug and find that its edges bump up against the bottoms of your walls. Texture The bath rug's texture is also an important consideration in your choice of rugs. Whether you're looking for a rug that's thick and fluffy to add a touch of luxury to your morning routine, or a rug that's just soft enough to take the edge off of the bathroom floor's hard surfaces, you can be certain to find a rug that matches your expectations. If a thick and fluffy texture is your goal, you'll be happy with a soft bath rug that features a heavy pile of cotton or chenille fibers. The thick nature of these fibers combined with a shaggier yarn cut will create a rug that's so soft you'll want to wriggle your toes into it each day. If you had a thinner texture in mind, you should look for a bath rug with much shorter fibers.

These rugs can still be soft, but are sometimes much easier to clean and maintain. Cleaning The final consideration in your bathroom rug search is the cleaning and maintenance of your bath rug. Since you hope your investment in a bath rug will last for a long time, you should make sure that your bath rug can be cleaned in a way that fits in with your lifestyle. Some rugs, especially the non-traditional bath rugs, must be cleaned professionally. Others can be run through your washing machine. Pay special attention to drying instructions for the rugs that you wash yourself. Many rugs with rubber backing must be hung to dry as the heat from the dryer will damage the backing. Now that you know exactly what you're looking for in a bath rug, you're ready to start your search. Keep these attributes in the front of your mind, and you'll find a rug that's perfect for your bathroom for years to come.

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