28 Creative Home Office Walls

It is important to consider each of your five senses when designing your home office for optimal efficiency and performance. By approaching your project in a comprehensive manner, you will lay down the effectiveness and ensure that all those who interact in space have a positive reaction. Each of us learns differently, some of us are tactile, others are auditory, and others are kinesthetic, by designing for the senses, you are truly uniformly built.

Sight: Seeing Business Taking Off Color magic.

Use the colors of the organization for maximize advantage. Strengthen your brand image with your chosen colors. Whether it's an accent board, a logo blow up on the wall, or perhaps even putting your logo on your office chair, all are great ways to enhance your brand image and remind you of your emphasis. (It's close to picking your logo or website's screen saver.) Color psychology sells! Remember the color psychology in your decision. For short, red speeds up the rhythm, and in the presence of red you'll eat more, spend more and lose track of time. Orange is the perfect and inexpensive economic equalizer (i.e. Home Depot). Yellow spurs memory (legal pads), can suggest caution, is generally considered sunny and happy, and operates in spaces with little or no natural light effectively. This gives the sunlight feeling. Blue fosters confidence and a general sense of calm. Green is the "color of wealth" which signifies development and rebirth. Purple also reflects royalty and, depending on the time of year religion; it is also a favored hue of creative types and alleviates insomnia (i.e. encourages daydreaming). Brown is generally regarded as trustworthy and moderate (United Parcel Service). White shows independence and wealth (let's keep it clean!). Black can be very trendy and chic, but it also shows off hands (look don't touch) and is used sparingly best. Light is fuel, are you sufficient? Of the light forms, natural or artificial (incandescent, fluorescent, halogen), it is preferred in two directions to be normal and ideal. Torchiere lamps, usually based on halogen, with dimmers are cost-effective and best when mounted in dark corners, where the light will be reflected off the ceiling and illuminate the room. Know the fundamentals of art. It is important to consider imagery that improves the working environment and is appropriate for the company image while visiting clients. (I.e. if a travel agency, then pictures of exotic destinations, if a financial planner, then pictures of Wall Street, charts of market prices, pictures of exchange firms. Is your office in balance? You'll need a mixture of square, hard-edged shapes and soft curves. For example, if you're using a rectangular desk, consider a round conference table. Incorporate in the design a radio or stereo system, or perhaps a water feature, like a tabletop fountain.

Taste: Feasting your thirst on the Fruits of Your Labor Quench.

Even if only at a cooler for ice. The idea of having clean, clear fresh water in a glass (no folks with paper cups!) will quench and raise the mood. If there is room, adding a mini refrigerator can ease those trips to the kitchen and be great for any visiting vendors or associates who deserve a quick break. Keep well stocked with favorite drinks. A coffee maker can be a great luxury in cooler climates and his own wake-up therapy! Hold the bay of the munchies. For a quick bite, use a colorful glass bowl for sweet treatments or even a fruit tray. It also encourages clients and consumers to have something to sell. Touch: thinking to achieving your targets makes it touchable. To satisfy your feeling of touch, incorporate tactile elements-leather, wood, rock, cashmere, cotton, chenille, rattan, wicker, sisal. Mix it up. Juxtapose softer components with rough smooth surfaces. Don't forget about the visual texture, like patterns and plants. For maximum effect, layer and mix.

Smell: Scents of Success

Aroma Therapy is big business these days, find out what stimulates your imagination and boosts your power, play with a range of fragrances (lavender, pine, citrus, sandalwood etc.) It doesn't have to be overwhelming or flowery to be successful. Sometimes it is enough to add a citrus plant or herb in a decorative pot to infuse warmth and invite into your office. Keep it cool! Avoid negative fragrances such as mustiness, old gym shoes, day-old Chinese takeout, and so on. Always keep a fresh or neutral scent. Scent can even be used for your company as a signature. Nothing beats the heavenly smell of fresh baked cookies when you're in a home baking business; often used to sell houses! Once you have properly addressed the senses in your office environment, you will soon be able to find success.

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