29 Country Kitchen Ceiling Designs

Nothing is as warm and inviting as a large country kitchen filled with accents and accessories that give the appeal of "down home." Today, as they relax after a long day at work, many families and their guests spend a lot of time in the kitchen, sharing stories and indulging in goodies. You will find some great tips and ideas in this article to add the charming look and atmosphere that can only be offered by a country style kitchen. It is essential that you use those colors that create a warm, relaxing environment for the country theme. In this style of decoration, rust red, country blue, green and yellow are often used to create a colorful yet warm atmosphere. Consider painting the walls with a country blue relaxing shade, complemented by baseboards and cream or antique white trim work.

Perk up the walls You might want to consider bead board paneling, wall paper or even stencils that you paint on yourself while painted walls are fine. When using a pattern that includes roosters, teapots, sunflowers or fruit, a wallpaper or stenciled boarder around the top of the wall adds further charm and appeal. Today, using paint and a few techniques that add texture like stenciling, sponging, and rag-rolling, you can also create interesting walls yourself. Using these techniques you can create an original look and all your own! It also adds a touch of personality to make you proud.

Lighting and windows The lighting you use and the window treatments you choose can make all the difference in a country style kitchen. Consider light fixtures made of wood, wrought iron or tin; curtains designed in gingham checks or plaids or those with stenciled boundaries give fresh appeal to your windows. While most other styles of kitchen decoration advise you to keep things simple and sleek, country decoration is the opposite; you want charming accents anywhere and anywhere! The perfect place for those iron skillets is a wrought iron pot rack hanging from the ceiling. On counter tops, a baker's shelf, or any other flat surface, can be mounted cinnamon and apple pie scented candles.

So long as the look is a bit worn or scratched, the kitchen table can be made of any kind of wood. A large braided rug directly below the table adds charm, as does a country-style throwing rug for the area in front of your sink. Country signs of wood or tin, baskets, cookbooks and canisters finish the look and bring it all together. The definition of country decoration is not the same for everyone; some like Americana, while others like puppies, horses, roosters, people with gingerbreads or even sunflowers. Always use those items that are your favorites to make your home as comfortable as possible. A country home feels alive; those who visit your home know they're welcome, and you're not in a hurry to get them out. Make your home on the block the most inviting by adding country decoration's old-fashioned charm.

A kitchen is the most essential part of any kind of house. It is the basic need for any house because kitchen is the main part of the house where cooking is done. One also has to maintain each and every part of the kitchen and keep it clean as it is the only place where we cook. The very first thing that someone sees in the kitchen is the kitchen cabinets. If you are planning for the renovation of your kitchen then you need to choose the right kind of cabinets regarding the environment of your kitchen. If you want to give a contemporary look to your kitchen then you can choose stylish cabinets. On the other hand if your kitchen is country style then you might want to use traditional style cabinets. Apart from this, choosing between the custom cabinets and stock cabinets is the most difficult thing to do as it involves a lot of mind trouble. This choice can be made by keeping in mind your budget, the kitchen environment and your taste. While making the decision you should keep all the flaws and advantages in mind so that you won't end up making the wrong choice.

Stock Cabinets

Some people think that stock cabinets are the cabinets that can be taken away from the retailer quite easily but this is not the fact. Even though the cabinets that you can see on the store shelves are selected by you but you have to first place the order at the shop management and then wait for your required design of cabinets to be ready. Stock cabinets are already manufactured as for samples for the customers in standard sizes so that they get an idea about what designs are available and how the stock cabinets look. If we speak about the thickness of the stock cabinets, they are nine inches wide. Height of these cabinets is about thirty to thirty-three inches. These cabinets are built as samples for the customers to have an idea about the stock variety available at the shop. For the manufacturing of these cabinets, plywood and melamine is used. Each part of the cabinet is made accurately and efficiently and when all the pieces are built then they are finally joined together to form a full fledge cabinet.

Custom Cabinets

Now comes the turn of the custom kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are made according to the customer's specifications and requirements. Each and every thing about the cabinets starting from designs of the cabinets to the material and finishing that should be used in manufacturing; all is decided by the person who wants the custom based design. Measurements of these cabinets are open ended so that you can decide the design and the lengths and widths of the cabinets according to the length of the wall. The material required for custom made cabinets can be the same as for the stock cabinets but you can also choose lead time that lasts longer than the material used for stock cabinets. Solid wood is preferred to make these cabinets. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both. The stock cabinets are available immediately and their variety is vast too but they have limited sizes and they last for a small time. On the other hand, the custom cabinets are available in free sizes as required by the user. The only problem is that the custom cabinets are a lot expensive than the stock cabinets.

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