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The good news is that some of the colors in specific rooms work best. White, gray, blue, red, yellow, and green really shine when it comes to kitchens. Each of these shades can do different things for the atmosphere, but they all help to create a warm and welcoming environment. There's nothing like a large country kitchen at the end of the day to greet the family. It's a great entertainment room to invite friends and other visitors who also come for a visit. A dry, comfortable and welcoming country-themed kitchen is packed full of charm. For a big meal, families may enjoy their evenings together around the table, or discuss the day's activities. This article offers tips and ideas to turn your kitchen into your home's favorite space. You don't need a great big kitchen to work with the country style! With a few simple changes, every room can be granted old-fashioned charm.

Color is important

In a country style kitchen you want natural and light colors. Gold, white, golden brown and terracotta are perfect colors for your decoration to use as a base. When finished in golden brown baseboards, cream colored walls are stunning. This sets the atmosphere off and provides a visible range. A terracotta or sand countertop adds a little more color and makes the room look rich.

The More Wood the Greater

Plenty of wood is in order with the country style of decoration! The table may be square or round, so make sure it's made of wood. While they don't have to fit, chairs should also be made of wood. In this style of decor, odd chairs look great as long as they're all made of wood. Timber cabinets are perfect for the kitchen in an oak or maple finish, as are wood floors. If you can't afford wood floors, of course, you can simply throw here and there a few accented rugs decorated with a country theme. Decorative pots and pans can be a simple touch to add so much to your kitchen's appearance. Consider hanging from a wrought iron rack hanging from the ceiling the pots and pans. This also gives you extra cabinet room to position all those small appliances and other items out of reach that clutter your counter tops. It really adds old-fashioned charm to hang your pots and pans.


Accessories are what finishes the look, so make sure that this move is not missed out. Plants are important in terracotta pots, bringing heat to the space. For the walls, you can find cross-stitched hand-made hangings to add a personal touch. A good addition to this is Mason jars filled with heavenly-scented candles, which make the room smell wonderful. You'll want to consider your own favorite country theme as well, of course. Some like to use an assortment of roosters or other farm animals, while others like to brighten up the room with a sunflower theme. Use your own creative ideas and get your own beautiful country kitchen to work on! Your family will love it, and you will never want to abandon any visitors who come by.

Country Cottage decor offers a fresh approach to the pink-mauve-blue Country decorating that ran its course years ago. The secret to the new version of this decor lies in combining new and vintage elements in unusual ways. This style starts with color, namely the classic primary colors of red, blue and yellow, plus a hefty helping of green. Add whites and creams as accents, and there are nearly infinite combinations for a Country Cottage home. That's a far cry from the restricted pastel palette of previous Country schemes. Walls in this decor style can be painted in any combination of these basic colors. The style also welcomes wallpaper in charming country patterns and motifs. If an entire wall of wallpaper seems too daunting, wallpaper borders are an inexpensive and fairly easy way to incorporate some Country Cottage appeal into a room. One of the most popular wall treatments in this style is an ample use of bead board. This type of wood can be found in natural shades, or already primed for paint. It's available at any hardware or home improvement store that carries wall paneling.

One of the common ways to use bead board in Country Cottage style is to attach it to a wall up to the height of a chair rail, and top with molding. Bead board also is used to create shelves, headboards and cabinets as well. When it comes to choose fabrics for this decorating style, think in terms of florals, checks and stripes, mixed together in complement colors. Checks, as in checked tablecloths and curtains, have long been a part of Country decor, but here they get a contemporary update partnered with florals and stripes. Keep in mind the harmony rule of decorating if using these patterns together; one pattern should dominate, while the others are used as accents. Country Cottage Floors typically feature tile or natural wood flooring, topped with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors of area rugs. Think in terms of floral rugs in living rooms and bedrooms, while braided area rugs or red rugs with an apple motif are perfect for the kitchen. Keep in mind that the flooring itself can be painted with a pattern of stencils for greater appeal. If you choose to decorate a floor with painted stencils, then select solid color rugs so as not to clash with your beautiful floor.

Don't forget to put a good coat of varnish on top of your floor decorations. Also don't be afraid to let the floor develop a distressed appearance. That timeworn look only adds to the country appeal. Country Cottage Furniture tends to be simple and less ornate than other styles. It's often made of natural woods such as pine and oak. There are also lots of painted furniture pieces. Antique pieces or antique reproductions provide ideal accents to finish out this theme. Old pie safes, jelly cupboards, and other pieces make great additions to your country kitchen. One of the advantages of the Cottage style is the freedom to mix up the furniture, as if it's been handed down through generations. Thus you can easily add some painted pieces in with the natural wood finishes, along with some weathered metal and other rustic touches. Simply think in terms of what will give your rooms the most welcoming, homey feel, and you'll be right in the Country Cottage style.

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