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If you're living in a more traditional style home, sometimes it's best to stick to the original look of the house rather than trying to make a super sleek and modern bathroom. This does not mean, however, that you need to compromise on putting a bit of your own style into it. The following are just a few small tips to help you keep your heritage bathroom looking gorgeous. Don't forget though, to always leave your style mark on your own place.


- JARS - By using some Mason Jars or similar for storage, you can make a simple statement. Even just one or two will give your bathroom a vintage, country feel. Storing your Cotton Buds, Bath Salts or even a Scented Candle in the jars and displaying them beside your basin, looks not only appealing but also tidy.

- CRATES & BASKETS - Repurposed Wooden Crates will give your bathroom an unpolished twist. By placing one underneath your basin or vanity, beside the bath or even beside the toilet, you will give a rougher texture to an otherwise mostly shiny room. If you are into a more feminine look, then wicker baskets can also be used, as they have a softer feel and appearance. By placing towels, magazines and bath products in to the crate or basket, you are adding more storage and also an interesting focal point to your bathroom.

- BOTTLES - Medicine bottles from days gone by can give a subtle, rustic touch to any room in the house. The size doesn't matter. Whether they are placed on a shelf in the bathroom or on the windowsill in the living room, they will just add a whimsical effect. KEEP YOUR BATHROOM FITTINGS UP TO DATE

- ACCESSORIES -There is something to be said about keeping original fixtures. The problem that arises sometimes is that the original fixtures might come from a time that taste forgot (remember green basins?). If this is the case for your bathroom by replacing your current bathroom accessories with new traditional style accessories you can change the feel of your bathroom, without actually having to do a full renovation. Using simple, rounded accessories would suit this type of bathroom well. Fittings and fixtures that are streamlined, don't necessarily have to be super modern, you just want to keep it simple, so you don't need to replace it again in five years time.

- MIRRORS - Vintage Mirrors, with slight detailing on the edges can be a beautiful addition to any provincial home. They can be displayed in many ways to open up a room. In the bathroom you can have them as the main mirror above the basin, leaning against a wall, and even display a number off them together on a larger wall. Any time you put mirrors in to a room, you are immediately adding a feeling of depth.


- TOILETS AND BASINS - If you have realised that you just need to start from scratch, the first thing you will need to consider is what products you will actually install. There are many ways you can go, but putting a slightly contemporary spin on any bathroom gives it an updated, fresh, new look. You can really keep the country look with a Carlton Basin and Pedestal, or alternatively a Wooden Vanity with a Carlton Drop-In Basin looks fantastic and it will give you extra storage if that's what you desire.The Carlton Toilet Suite and Bidet are also great additions to a traditional bathroom.

- LIGHTING - There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to lighting. Shabby Chic Chandeliers can be a beautiful focal point, but for some people this may be a little decadent. If you feel that your tastes might run more on the simple, yet effective side, then a gorgeous Enamel Shade on a pendant light, hanging from the ceiling would suit you down to a tee.

- BATHS - When it comes to country luxury, you can't go past a freestanding bath. In fact, having a freestanding bath,whatever your style taste is just a luxury full stop.

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