25 Corner Fireplace With Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Corner fireplace models which are the traditional type typically contain basic components such as the firebox and mantle. It can be installed at ground level or somewhat elevated and extending from the main opening with its flooring. Whatever suits your theme, you can also choose to have a basic opening structure or to include other styles. As always, as an elegant focal point for a living room or even a bathroom, a corner fireplace can be used. Whatever the design, color scheme, and type of fuel you're using, you're guaranteed to be a caregiver at home. Modern fireplaces can also be found at the site. Because of their light weight and ease of installation, they are actually more flexible. And whether you want the standing including the wall installed, every room will be fitted with a contemporary style as long as it complements the interior design. In other words, the most appropriate for spaces with a futuristic or minimalist style are new fireplace models.

You may want to choose to use the gel fuel instead of wood to match your new fireplace theme. Wood requires more effort to wash the ashes after using the fireplace from storing the logs. A gel-fueled corner fireplace model is perfect for people who just want to stay warm and chill for the night after a long day. It is a worry-free option because no smoke is produced and afterwards no ashes are to be washed. The only thing you need is to follow the proper installation and use instructions to ensure everyone in the house is safe. Corner fireplace designs are perfect for small homes, even if they can also be installed in large homes. The reality is that you can create the impression of a large space by adding a fireplace in a corner of your small home. Then remember that even with limited space, without giving your room a cluttered feel, you can always install a corner fireplace. When design is a challenge for you, the custom building of your corner fireplace is a good tip to keep in mind. Many manufacturers are available online these days, which means you can conveniently check which of them you would prefer to create a fireplace design for your dream corner.

There can be a fireplace in any part of the house today. It is possible to place the portable forms wherever you want. You may mount one on the side for the permanent form, in the middle or even in the corner zone. Fireplace designs are endless today, so be prepared to be challenged to choose the best fireplace design for your home. Don't rush things so you can make a good decision.

Whoever said that art has to be hung on a wall? There are many other ways you can display art pieces in your home without drilling a hole on the wall and causing possible damage. If you have any limited experience in drilling holes in walls, you'd probably be familiar with feelings of apprehension and fear the moment just before you squeeze the trigger on the drilling machine. Thoughts of "what if I mess up" and "will I make a crack on the wall" will no doubt race through your mind. But take heart, if you're not confident of drilling holes and don't want to spend money on hiring others to do it, there are other ways to display art creatively. And what's best, you also save money on buying expensive mounting equipment! There is no real secret actually. If you can't hang art on the wall, then rest it on something. The question then is where to put it such that it brings attention to it as a work of art rather than an eyesore. Lean it against a side table Find furniture in your house that you can lean your framed art piece on the side.

For example, if you have a small side table next to your sofa in the living room, you can easily prop an art piece against it. Just make sure that the height of the frame is not taller than the table itself, otherwise it'll look odd. The art piece should be typically about three quarters the length of the table. Ensure also, that the art display is noticeable, that people can see it and appreciate it. Don't let the art face some corner of the room, where no one can see it. Put it on a chair You can put a nice old antique chair next to the doorway, and then put an art piece on the seat of the chair. This display method would be more suitable for art pieces that are tall and narrow in shape, with the top of the art piece almost reaching eye level when resting on the chair. The art work, together with the antique chair, both compliment each other and make a unified statement to your guests as they leave the room through the doorway. If you have a cupboard next to a door, you can also lean the art piece against the side of the cupboard as well, so that visitors walking past the doorway can have a good look at it. Put it on top of a console table You can lean art work on top of a console table.

A Console table is typically a long and narrow table that can be placed against a wall in living rooms, hallways or bedrooms. Some of them come with storage drawers and a table top that you can display interesting art decor collections on. Because console tables are much narrower than a typical table, they can easily fit into the hallway without taking too much space and becoming an obstruction. Put your art piece on the table and lean it against the wall. You don't have to limit yourself to just one art piece. If the table is long enough, you can use two or three art pieces, leaning on top of the other, with the largest piece at the back and the smallest at the front. When resting a piece of art against another, make sure the overlap does not cover the art work of the back piece. Typically the smaller piece that is overlapping should be placed more towards the side. Try to avoid using a table with a slippery surface as the art pieces can easily slide off and fall over. If possible get a runner and drape it across the length of the table top, then place the art pieces on top of it.

This will create friction between the art frame and table top, and also add a touch of color to your display as well. If your table has enough space, accessorize it! You can use items like vases, candles, candle holders, fruit baskets, small stones, and small statues, among others. Any of these items can be bought cheaply at the neighborhood flea market. One final piece of advice - wherever you decide to put your art pieces, always make sure it is not placed at a location where it is easily knocked over. An example is the hallway or corridor, where narrow space and running kids don't exactly form a nice combination especially when there are many decorative artifacts and art pieces around.

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