24 Cheetah Living Room Ideas

Retailers that specialize in home furnishings know that the popularity of wild animal prints has grown exponentially in recent years. That is why there are so many cheetah print decorating ideas available for your home. You can purchase a new set of furniture that features the naturally beautiful pattern of this amazing cat, or you can add a small subtle accent or two throughout your home. Your condo, studio apartment, or dorm room could likely benefit from a piece of furniture that serves a dual role, and that is exactly the case with the cheetah print storage ottomans. These are great because they liven up the room with their beautiful patterns, give you a place to prop up your feet in the evening, and the opportunity to store away books, magazines, toys, or other potential clutter.

You can choose an ottoman covered in chenille, faux leather, or woven upholstery. You can make even bigger changes to your home decor by adding a cheetah print accent chair, chaise lounge, or recliner to your current furniture set. In fact, some retailers sell slip covers that will change the entire look of your existing furniture and give your living room a whole new decorative theme. One of the best aspects of using cheetah print is that it can create a rustic look or a modern one, depending on the rest of the accessories you use. If you love the idea of animal print designs, but do not feel comfortable adding it to your living room or dining room, you can still use it to beautify your bedroom. Contemporary cheetah print bedding with big, warm comforters and exotic linens will give the room an elegant look and comfortable feel. You can even offset the motif with lamps on your bedside table and perhaps a set of cheetah print curtains or drapes. Continue your theme into the master bathroom by adding matching curtains there as well.

As you consider your many options for the home, do not leave out the kitchen. There are plenty of accessories you can use to give your kitchen the same elegant look as the rest of the house. Hang a cheetah wall clock that features the cat's spotted pattern on the face, and place cheetah print vases in the window over the sink. Cheetah spotted vases are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials, all available at a range of prices. As you make your choices from room to room, you can develop a recurring theme to pull it all together with your use of cheetah print flooring. If you want to cover your floor with carpet, you will find carpet tiles to be reasonably priced and easy to install; you can usually do so without the assistance of a professional carpet installer. The other option for flooring is cheetah print rugs. Find a pattern that appeals to you and use it as an area rug in your living room or dining room, or both. Most area rugs have matching rugs, mats, and runners available so you can use them throughout the house.

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