26 Ceiling For Living Room Decorating Ideas

Homes with high ceilings are often at a premium in comparison to heating costs. Although they don't actually make a space bigger, Bass says they're buying more expensive because of the mere illusion they're doing. The construction of ceilings in a household uses a variety of materials. The most famous today is by far the same as that used for walls-drywall (also known as gypsum wallboard or trade name Sheetrock), connected with drywall screws or nails to a ceiling joist frame. With a spray or spray-on coating, painting ceilings is simpler, and smooth latex is the best choice for textured surfaces such as popcorn ceilings. It is easy to use glazes to cover paint to create a glossy shine. The finishes of eggshell and satin also give a faint shine.

Cathedral ceilings, also known as vaulted ceilings, are elevated at the highest possible level and have similarly sloping sides forming an upside-down V. Houses with 8-foot ceilings are usually fit for only the low end of the market in the real estate market. Today, many homeowners can afford to buy houses with ceilings of 9 or 10 feet. And the ceiling looks more like a 20-foot ceiling than building a 14-foot ceiling. The extensions just won't do that. Evite fans with overhead lighting or walls. Not only will something hanging from the ceiling draw attention to it, but it will also make it feel smaller. Alternatively, go for wall-mounted lighting and find uplighting sconces: the light will shine on your walls, creating the illusion of height.

A house with high ceilings is difficult to keep warm in the winter as warm air falls, but not as hard to keep cool in the summer. Nonetheless, because of the additional volume, a space with high ceilings is always more expensive to keep cool than a standard-height room. What are the purposes of high ceilings? Spaciousness / Scale-High ceilings give the human body more space to feel small compared to space, thus creating a sense of great space / more openness. By increasing the third dimension of height, a small space becomes large-scale or of higher order or style. No modern electrical appliances such as a ceiling fan or a lamp are fitted with air conditioning for houses or building structures constructed in older times. So basics were first studied to solve the problem of ventilation and indoor lighting, and thus the solution to raise the ceiling height came into play. Although roof trusses can be altered to increase ceiling height, it is not advisable. It's a much greater work than replacing joists and rafters. This requires extensive reengineering and is cost-prohibitive in most situations. While pine is the most common wood used in home applications, there are others that are more distinctive. Cypress and cherry are two choices of this kind. Because you're not going to walk on the walls, the wood doesn't have to be able to take a lot of abuse to give you more options.

Home is the place where the heart is. One of the best ways to improve quality of our life is to spruce up the home we live in. Although home improvements can cost unlimited amounts, it does not always require a fortune to improve the interiors of your home. You can carry out amazing changes in your apartment on budget. Identify Misses First of, when you are on budget it is important to identify the areas which require replacement or improvement in your home. For, the prime purpose of home improvement is to ensure no pending repairs post the renovation. This would help you plan the direction of the entire home repair project. Depending on the nature of projects you can decide upon the budget, duration and other factors for home improvement.

Gear up for change

Now you can gear up for the change you need. You should research online and visit home decor shops to get ideas for the purpose. You can save a lot of money by DIY on your previous, used or antique furniture, fittings and cabinets. It is important to check out price differences offered by second-hand shops, antique shops and online lists. Knowing the expenses helps you get ready for the expenditure too. You can also check out your credit limit available. Home improvements can be one of the smart ways to enhance the valuation of your home. You can also check out if you are eligible for homeowner loans. Leveraging home equity you can draw substantial funding without any hassles. Some handy home renovation hacks on budget


Kitchen is one place where whole family meets multiple times in a day. A change in the look of kitchen space can transform the feel of your entire home. You can consider changing the colour or cabinet doors for this. Do not forget to visit thrift stores or reuse centers to find the surprisingly cheap deals. Go for contrasting colour and you would revolutionise the appearance of your home. Also pay attention to kitchen lighting. If you need to replace any of the electronic or kitchen gadgets, opt for energy-efficient replacements. It would save you energy bills and keep your home updated.

Living Room

A renovation cannot be complete without bringing change in the living room. For low-cost home improvement, consider redoing the furniture placement. A simple shift of couch from right to left can bring more than expected alteration to your home view. In case you have a centre wall, consider using a bright and unique colour for that wall. Then deck it up with picture art, wall art or an embellished stole gifted by your grandma. The bright walls can steal the attention from other little flaws around. If you need a new couch, consider using the old frame and get it covered up in a contemporary style. This would bring the modern look with least expense.

Bed Rooms

Changing bed room furniture could be expensive. You can consider changing the bedding, rug, curtains, cushions and every other add-on in your room. If your side tables are old-fashioned, you can consider using attractive wall paper on the front of drawers. It would not only bring a new look but would also cease the boredom owing to old furniture. Another quick hack could be using darker colour for ceiling. Change in the colour of ceiling would bring a novel look in your personal space. We watch more of the ceilings in the bed rooms after all! Lavatory Do not overlook leakages and chipped paint as they are common in the bathroom area. Change faucets if there is any fault. Try to organise if you have too many objects in your bathroom. Besides, simply changing the mug, bucket and rug can beautify your lavatory. You can introduce an attractive canvas cover for the new feel.

Front and Patio space

For small apartments, an additional sitting space can add enough value to the property. You can consider de-cluttering the backyard and incorporating chair for 2 people at least. You can add a beautiful cushion to an organiser and create a seat. This add-on would not cost more than $20 and enliven the dull space in your home. Needless to say, do not leave the broken nuts and bolts on window panels or side entries. A new colour for outer walls is a must even if you have decided to keep the inner walls untouched. In case your room walls are already neat, pick one wall in each section and use your creativity to bring the desired look. Hope these tips prove handy when you begin your next home improvement project.

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