26 British Colonial Style Living Rooms

Their refined English interior design style was tailored to the climate and available materials where they traveled. Here are a few options to add to your home the British colonial theme. Home architecture typically has high ceilings in a British colonial style to allow the heat to rise and keep the room and bit cooler.

Architecture of the house.
Home architecture usually has high ceilings in British colonial style to allow the heat to increase and hold the space and bit cooler. Also used to keep the rooms cool were over-sized ceiling fans.  The walls were typically made of wood, and as they were readily available, the floors were made of wood or stone. Usually, the walls were white in color. Windows was used to let a breeze and light in. During bad weather, shutters on the doors served to block the glare to shield the frames.

British expatriates preferred formal furniture in dark wood of mahogany that avoids humid climates. Upholstery was often the colour of pure white. We have loved the quality of campaign furniture, which is quickly packed and transported furniture. Also, campaign furniture was crafted from lighter local materials including bamboo, wicker, and rattan. Often steamer trunks and suitcases are used as furniture.

Most clothes are solid white linen or cotton in a British colonial household. They used as accent fabrics some botanical prints and animal prints. Rugs were often a natural colored jute, sisal, or sea grass, or oriental rugs purchased locally. A four poster mahogany mattress was often located in bedrooms covered by a solid white mosquito netting.

Production of the artwork.
Back then, British families were very interested in botany study, so botanical objects are often used as artwork. They hung on the wall, too, ornate mirrors. Windows were often occupied by British colonial houses, so limited artwork was required.

British expatriates travelled well and enjoyed showing off the value of their home furnishings. They enjoyed exhibiting fine quartz, fine china, silver pieces, Asian porcelain blue and white, pineapple signs, animal horn, tortoise shell, hurricane lamps, seashells, maps, and telescopes. Try to avoid monkey prints and palm tree prints that aren't true to nature when decorating your house.

Plants, plants.
Indoor plants in British colonial style homes are very popular. In the living areas, there was often a potted palm tree and some exotic-looking flowers.

Colonial style has its roots in the Puritan culture of early America. While it embraces Georgian features such as symmetry and wide, high ceilings, it also embraces Puritan craftsmanship's raw beauty. Throw in carpentry chairs, rugged wood tables, and other bits of craftsmanship in your colonial furniture. Colonial furnishings store. Homes in colonial style usually have two or three stories, fireplaces, and façades of brick or wood. The classic floor plan of the Colonial-style house has the first floor kitchen and family room, and the second floor bedrooms. Colonials on the side or back are easy to add. Colonial-style furniture includes a variety of individual period furniture styles that occurred during the American Colonial era, spanning the period from around 1620 to 1780. The furniture ranges from relaxed furnishings in country style to conventional items that are very formal.

Classic colored colors include modest earth tone colors like white, creamy yellow, almond, ocre, reddish brown, dark brown, beige, taupe and muted green. Such shades are common as the coloring pigments come from natural resources including plants, soil and minerals. Essentially, what was common in Britain, including its architecture, was the same as America. In America, architecture of Georgian style was called colonial because it was England's colony. The definition is synonymous, in other words. Georgian was french, and the other way around. There are many varieties of colonial house designs from British Colonial (most common in the U.S.), colonial Dutch, colonial French, and colonial Spanish. Many colonial types of homes were built in different regions within the U.S. including saltbox, cape cod, Victorian and plantation houses in the south.

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