24 Blue Victorian Style Kitchens

You're likely to reflect back on your childhood at some point in your adult life and what you remember looking and smelling like your mothers or grandmothers in the kitchen. There was something good in the kitchen too, and you've never forgotten it. One look like that was the kitchen's Victorian decor, which gave it a simple yet elegant look. Use the Victorian furniture in your kitchen if it's time to update your kitchen decor.

A quick trip to an antique store, estate sale, or online auction will help you find the decorations you need to make your Victorian kitchen look complete.


The shades to be used in the Victorian theme are cream, mauve and light blue. Such shades can be used in your kitchen in several ways. Paint the cabinet doors blue and white trim them. You can use mauve to accessorize the countertops. The countertops may be a sheet of butchers rather than a solid color. Complete the look with wrought iron hardware in your kitchen. Back door flowerpots, wrought iron coat hanger standing in the corner to hang your apron and jacket may have a spot in your kitchen decor. Place a shelf on the wall to reveal candleholders and candles from the storm.


Make or buy your curtains. You may take one of the above-mentioned three colors; blue, cream, or mauve and trim it in ruffles. With the Victorian look, wide ruffles are acceptable. Tablecloths need the same design as the curtains to suit and fit anything. Place lace around your tablecloth like the curtains you've made. You can buy a small dresser or wash stand and then sand it off and paint it white. You can decorate it with decorations in Victorian style. You want to set up the largest pieces first when decorating the furniture and then you can accessorize the large pieces to make it look clean and simple.


Walls will view the Victorian decor of your life. Hang a wicker fan on the bottom with a display of roses. You can also add to a white frame diamond-shaped mirrors or square mirrors. The kitchen is a great place to show style and sophistication, and to get there you don't have to do a lot of rearrangement. Cottage style decoration and Victorian style decoration have a lot in common so you can get a few simple cottage decoration ideas as well.


The tiles of the kitchen should be white linoleum. This will allow you to use your other colors to accessorize. If you have one in your kitchen or stove, round braided rugs can be placed in front of the fireplace. In front of the refrigerator and sink, you can also place braided rugs. In your kitchen, you want to offer comfort and style. The flooring of the cream colour would make the room look bigger than it really is, making it look better. It will also help to combine all the colors you used in the decor of your home.

Many people don't realize just how important of a role color plays when decorating their homes. Sure, most people know that warm colors are golden browns, yellows and reds, and that cool colors are green, blue, violet and pink shades. But what does this all mean in the grand scheme of things? Color speaks volumes, even about your own personality. This article details a little about color, and the effect it can have on the appeal and atmosphere of a room. It is a proven fact that colors affect emotions. Red can brighten up someone who feels down, as can bright yellow. Blue is soothing and comforting, and green often makes people feel wealthy. How do the colors you use affect the way your home appeals to others?

Here are a few tips to let you know just what your home says about you:

Warm Colors

Red is vibrant and stimulating. This includes stimulating the appetite, so depending on whether you are dieting red may be a good choice for the dining room. Beware, too much red is overwhelming. Whether you use various shades of red in the living room or dining room, temper it with calming colors that dominate the rest of the decor. Yellow brings to mind sunshine, and is a cheery color. This is a great color to use in the kitchen, as it offers warmth and a feeling of coziness. You don't have to use bright yellow; a softer shade will make a beautiful backdrop to a room. Orange may sound like a horrible color to use in decorating, but when a soft shade is used it is actually inviting. A muted shade of orange creates an appealing atmosphere that offers a welcoming feeling. Orange is a friendly color that exudes happiness.

Cool Colors

Green is a color that helps bring the outdoors in, and is perfect for any room in the house. Whether bold and vibrant of soft and muted, green is a peaceful color. For the bed or bath, think of celery and seafoam shades of green, mixed with cream and sand tones. Blue is the most soothing color of all, which is why it is frequently used in the bedroom. Mixing shades of blue and green creates an inviting and calming atmosphere that makes any guest feel welcome. Blue is also said to decrease appetite, so it may be a good choice for the dining room if you are trying to shed a few pounds! Violet is a cool color that is useful when used to accent your home, but probably too overwhelming to use as a dominant color.

Choose accent rugs, throw pillows and other accessories with a slight splash of violet to add depth and interest. In decorating your home, remember that most warm colors are welcoming, while cool colors offer a feeling of comfort. There is nothing at all wrong with mixing shades from the warm and cool spectrum as long as they coordinate well. Unless you are a very bold person who loves the extreme, avoid using large amounts of bold red, purple or black in decorating your home. Strong colors like these will begin to wear on your nerves over time, as they can be distracting. Use color to decorate your home not only with magnificent hues, but with a soothing or welcoming atmosphere as well!

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