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Designing a beautiful and romantic country kitchen with a dry, welcoming environment requires more than just "setting the table" with some decorative accessories of value. Whether you've got a small kitchen or a huge one that's big enough for a massive maple table, you can give the room a country feel with the right color and the right accents. Color is a key ingredient because it gives our senses the first experience of a space, so setting the atmosphere is your main concern. If you can paint the walls, a very light yellow can be chosen to give the kitchen a bright glow. The nation will look further with a simple style wallpaper or stencil line. A common use of Country French colors is the mixture of yellow and a French blue, which is a blue-purple shade. Add products such as blue glass and amber glass, blue canister sets, potholders, oven mitts, dishtowels and linens and curtains for blue and white test table. Using decorations such as blue tiles and sunflower prints or symbols with tin painted.

If your walls have to stay white and your appliances are also white, as in most homes, to do the trick you will have to focus on well-chosen color splashes in your style accents. Start by finding a line of accessories with a bold color like red or bright blue or a theme like roosters, fruit, sunflowers or country store. And apply variations to the color or the pattern. For example, let's say you're choosing a line of red accessories such as apples, cherries or strawberries. The countertop will be filled with a set of bold red canisters and a red cookie jar. A red check or red and white stripe tablecloth and red serviettes can be placed on your kitchen table. You can use a fresh floral centerpiece in a red glass container. Complete the picture in white ceramic candleholders with red candlesticks for a party. Find decorative red glass bottles as well as red chair cushions for a windowsill. Red fruit and vegetable prints painted dress up white walls.

If you choose blue for your simple color scheme, this hue is characteristic of old-world elegance, especially when combined with yellow accents. Golden, deep blues in walls, curtains and glass dishes star in European kitchens. The huge black stove at the country estate of Claude Monet in Giverny (about an hour north of Paris) is supported by multi-patterned blue and white tiles, a stunning and realistic expression of architecture. (See' Monet's Table by Claire Joyes.) In the adjacent dining room a dining table has 12-14 gold-painted chairs and is spread with blue and white dishes on a yellow tablecloth, surrounded by blue flowers in small vases by the settings of the place. The array of Monet's daily dishes were deep blue with bright yellow tops. Great!

In the shape of lush, leafy potted plants, you can use green as an accent. Plants have many functions: by taking nature indoors, they make your kitchen stunning, they give off oxygen and they match your color scheme right in. If red is your main accent or theme, this color will be intensified by the green in plants as green on the color wheel is opposite red. They are colors that are "complementary." Green is also the combination of two primary colors, yellow and blue, so it also matches the color scheme. When choosing your cooking / serving apron as well as potholders and oven mitts, match and complement the colors featured in your country kitchen. You're the room star and you're supposed to dress up the part! Most models of kitchen islands today choose lighter white paint colors. There is predominance of black, dark gray and dark brown. Of reality, almost always a safe bet is a white kitchen island! Sage green, gray-green, asparagus, olive, jade, silent green hunter, moose and sea-green look attractive with oak cabinets. You may be able to paint a soft sage green on the walls and incorporate countertop black or stainless steel appliances into a kitchen area or white towels and accessories into a bathroom area. Generally, for the kitchen island, most homeowners use the same cabinet paint, but either tone it down to a lighter shade or enhance it to a darker shade.



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