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Has it been a year or longer since your last carpet cleaning? Are there stains and pet odors you would like to get rid of? Have you tried doing it yourself? How old is your carpet and how long do you think it will last under normal wear and tear? Maybe you should think about hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Even if you are a fastidious housekeeper and vacuum your carpet every day, the ravages of time become self evident. The highest quality floor coverings are not exempt and the decline and fall of the home or office carpet is an inevitable reality. A month ago your son-in-law spilled wine on your beige wall to wall carpet. When you had the bathroom remodeled, the workmen tracked in something that left an unidentified dark stain on the bedroom rug. Muldoon, the dog, had an accident that time he ate too much ice cream. It has been raining for a week and the kids are tracking in mud. And never mind that party you had New Years' Eve. The carpet probably aged 10 years after that party. It is said that modern carpets are designed to fail anyway, in approximately five years, so you will have to buy anew, a costly proposition. So, the challenge is to keep things going longer. Extending your carpet's life is a major reason to consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. But there are many more benefits to getting the job done by people in the know:

Wake up the Look and Feel of Your Home

A clean carpet is one of the unsung pleasures in life because once it is done by professionals there is nothing like the overall feeling that things are right with your world and within your living or working environment. Control ContaminantsCan you imagine the pollutants that wind up on your carpet? Everything from cigarette smoke, pollen, molds, bacteria and chemicals that you carry inside with you will just settle in. Then, with every step you take, you send those contaminants directly into the air. Fortunately, it has been shown that when your carpet is truly clean, toxins in the air are significantly diminished. Who would have thought that something under your feet could affect the air you breathe?

Remove Odors

There's no doubt about it. If your living space smells good, it is a happier place to be. There are products and solutions on the market you can use yourself that smell just wonderful. But the true test of a clean carpet is the fresh scent that lingers indefinitely and that can only be achieved with professional help. It's a wonderful thing when your neighbors come in and say, "Your house always smells so clean!" Little do they know that as they walk, they are distributing the sparkling scent they so appreciate. All of the general house cleaning in the world cannot accomplish this.

Stains Be Gone

Chances are you will get optimum results by turning these jobs over to reputable carpet cleaners. The experts are trained in stain removal and deodorization techniques and have access to special solvents and materials to deal with spills, food spots, pet accidents, and more. Adding protection is a good idea too, a process that is similar to waxing your floors for increased stain resistance. A fabric protectant will coat the fibers in your carpet and will help to prevent stains from becoming so embedded that they cannot be removed.

Kill the Germs

A home carpet cleaning company will undoubtedly use environmentally friendly materials that feature sterilizing or antimicrobial agents. Some cleaning companies use truck-mounted hot water extraction to kill dust mites that can cause illness, loosen dirt and soil and remove them, as well as tick and flea treatments and even upholstery cleaning. A floor covering harboring hidden germs and bacteria is a place where you are afraid to put the baby down so, for peace of mind alone, bring in the professionals. As the saying goes, "Your home is your castle". But, instead of the cold hard floors in the castles of old, a lot of the comfort in your home is underfoot in that fine antique oriental carpet in the living room, the Berber you got for the family room, the commercial carpet in your office, and the soft pastel in your bedroom. Preserve the beauty of your home environment - your castle - by extending the life of your carpets. Refresh the air you breathe. And protect your loved ones from contaminants. Give the keys to your castle to a professional carpet cleaning service!

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