27 Bedroom Wall Decor Quotes

It's a beautiful way to express yourself in your home using script in your wall art. You can add your favorite quotes of inspiration, excerpts from beloved books or even a more abstract style. You can use word art as boldly as you like–or as subtly as you can. And it can blend in with everything from the boldest of artsy designs to the most neutral and minimalist of spaces depending on how you layout the script wall art.

There are two ways to go about the wall art of script. Most models use stencils or decals that are placed directly on the walls. We have a more country look to them so below we'll concentrate on some of the more traditional script wall art applications. You can choose word art for your wall based on a specific theme. An element such as this would be great for a kitchen or dining area. The neutral colors also mean it would fit in a wide variety of home types, although the slightly distressed look might well place it in rustic chic spaces. It's large enough to behave in the fashion of a room as a theme-setting piece.

Such an object can hang well on its own. Another idea is to use it as part of a larger art collage or wall-style gallery. This allows you to use many different quotes to work with. It may also be more economical to find smaller script art. This is a good idea to make maximum use of the space if you need to cover a whole wall. And a collage of high contrast can also spice up more understated pieces of script wall art.

Some types simply put stencils or decals on the walls, but using letters against a wall on a shelf adds some dimension and volume. It's not actually wall art, but if you can't hang heavy things because of renter constraints, it's a way to pull off a wall art trick.

That's a great idea for theme rooms as well. It's a nice way to evoke any theme's images. Words related to beach and swimming, for example, could go a long way in establishing in a room a beachside, oceanic theme. A boho room might have words related to artistic styles for some other designs, or a strictly nautical theme might have words related to sailing.

You can also go hanging for an understated wall, as in the photo above. A simple, neutral-colored hanging could work in any room with a black print theme. In a space dominated by crisp, neutral colors, it particularly goes well.

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