19 Bathroom Floor Trim Ideas

Years of color response research have shown that human behavior is affected by color and that we do respond psychologically to color. You probably already know that from your own experience. You've probably had strong responses to certain colors in the past and know that surrounding yourself with the right colors is a good thing to do. Let's say that you wanted to design a great color scheme for the walls of your home, colors that would project the proper mood for each room. What colors would you choose? Let's start in the living room. Light green would be a good choice here. As the dominant color in nature we feel at home in a green room. It has a calming effect and is generally very relaxing.

A good accent color in the living room might be a shade of yellow since green and yellow are next to each other on the color wheel. Another good choice in the living room would be light blue. And for an accent, pick a darker blue. The blues can reduce stress and relieve tension and are a good choice in other rooms as well. Is it any wonder that light greens and light blues are popular colors in hospitals, spas, schools, and workplaces? In the dining room you would do well with red or orange colors. Both colors have a tendency to stimulate the appetite and to promote feelings of excitement. The colors are known to create moods that enhance social interaction, and that's certainly a good thing in a dining room. However, stay away from blue here as blue tends to suppress appetites. If you have a sun room, consider using the green colors.

The cool and fresh mood of green would be a natural selection for the sun room. In foyers and hallways yellow is a good choice because it helps show the way. Yellow can grab your attention better than any other color. Yellow is definitely an eye catcher. The kitchen is another good place for a yellow color. Yellow in the kitchen can create a cheerful, friendly mood. In many homes numerous lively, friendly conversations take place in the kitchen or adjacent breakfast/dinette area, so you might as well enhance that mood with yellow. Another good color choice in the kitchen is orange. As in the dining room the vibrant, exciting mood of orange works well in the kitchen. The natural and calming effect of green makes it a good choice for a bathroom. The peaceful, tranquil, relaxing mood of the proper shade of green would be just right in the room where you envision a nice warm bath.

The clean, restful colors of white and gray are also appropriate here. There are numerous choices of color for a bedroom. The soothing mood of blue is an excellent choice for adults and children. Relax and fall asleep. On the other hand seniors report that a light yellow color in the bedroom can lift their mood, which also has a relaxing effect. It's an especially good color to wake up to. Now, if you wish to enhance the romantic mood in the bedroom consider the colors mauve and pink. These colors, along with red tones, help to produce feelings of intimacy and passion. However, to make the bedroom feel restful choose blues, greens, pinks, or peaches. You can see that there are lots of color choices for this room.

For a children's bedroom or playroom, contrasting colors are likely to create a stimulating and lively mood. Choose, for example, purple with yellow or orange with blue. Look for colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Children are going to play and have fun in this room. If the room is used primarily for sleep, though, stick with the tried and true blue colors. Hopefully, these suggestions stimulate your imagination and give you some good ideas. Choose the colors that inspire you and make you feel welcome each time you come home.

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