21 Bathroom Crown Molding With Lights

The bathroom is one room in the house that never seems to be big enough. Unless you're one of the lucky ones, the average size of your bathroom is probably the one that looks even smaller with all the junk behind the door. Besides a little planning, you can take some decorative steps to make your little bathroom look and feel a little less crowded.

Using soft, cool colors such as pink, blue, green, lavender or a pastel shade cream will create the illusion of more space while creating a sense of serenity. Too add a little splash for highlights for accessories such as towels, shower curtain, rug, and toilet seat cover can be added in bold colors. Lighting is doing wonders to open up your bathroom's look. To focus on any work space, you can install a recessed lighting in your ceiling. You can add some comfort to your small bathroom with wall sconces or a counter top lamp. You can even put in a skylight, bigger windows or solar tubes to add even more dimension to your space if you have the right design and budget.

Look around and assess your space. Do you need this big vanity? How about replacing it with a pedestal or wall mounted sink to free up some much needed floor space. If you find you need to store some supplies, try tacking up a small shelf on the wall over the toilet or rearranging a nearby linen closet. Another tip you could use to make a small bathroom appear larger, is if it is possible to replace a shower door with a shower curtain. If your shower design does not support this type of change, try trading a frosted glass shower door for a clear glass one to provide more depth to the room.

Eliminate all clutter or un-necessary items. Often we do not realize just how much stuff we collect until we realize we can no longer see the counter top underneath. Try having only a select number of towels on display, use only one floor rug, do not over do it with artwork on the walls, use only one decorative accessory instead of many small items. If you have dark flooring, try replacing it with white or light colored tiles. You can find tiles that are easy to lay down and are affordable at places such as Wal-mart, a home depot, a liquidators, or often even a discount store. If it is not possible to replace your flooring, use a large light colored rug placed in front of the shower or tub.

When choosing art pieces to accent your small bathroom, choose large paintings of outdoors like a garden picture or a meadow. This will add an extra dimension to the room. Another cheap home decorating ideas is painting a lattice or molding design around the edge of your small bathroom ceiling will also give the illusion of a raised ceiling. You can even install crown molding that has a place for shadow lighting which will add warmth to any small room. Adding architectural detail to any size room is adding beauty Learn how to install crown molding yourself and save money. There are how to guides and videos to teach you how. You can even use leftover trim molding to frame out a large mirror which will reflect light and open up your small room. All of these ideas are simple, affordable and easy to apply for almost everyone. With some organization, and a little creativity, you can have your small bathroom looking twice as spacious.

I want to draw your attention to the walls. Look at this. Ceilings are a room area that is often neglected when it comes to redecorating (or repairing). There are so many things you can do that are also cheap, yet provide the simple elegance that speaks to your style. Choose, just to name a few, decorative ceiling medallions, crown molding, ceiling dome, rosettes, or panel molding. Three of my favorite ways to accentuate a ceiling: medallions on the walls, domes on the ceiling and crown molding.

The design of a ceiling medallion is one of the easiest and least time-consuming tasks. Even though they were made of plaster in the past, today they are made of lightweight polyurethane foam. This makes it easier for them to handle. The medallions on the ceiling are used to draw attention to chandeliers and light fixtures or to improve the molding of the crown. These can also be paired with a rosette to decorate a flat ceiling otherwise. These architectural ornaments can be used as decorations on the wall. Use in the hallway some small ones. Medallions on the ceiling are flexible and are available in many styles and sizes. To suit any room, they can be colored. One of the most common architectural details is the ceiling medallions.

Similar to ceiling medallions, ceiling dome can transform any room into an art work. They are, however, smaller and in reality recessed into the ceiling, allowing them to be built at the time of construction. A foyer, a dining room, a living room or even a bathroom are effectively enhanced by ceiling dome.

Crown molding, also known as cornice, is probably the most important architectural element used to define any interior space. Most of today's interior designers agree that the use of crown molding treatment benefits every room. Crown molding smoothes the wall-to-ceiling transition and does a lot to describe a room's architectural style. The size and design of used crown molding can vary widely, varying from a small cove in a farmhouse kitchen to a massive built-up cornice in a large entrance.

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