24 Bakery Kitchen Layout

When using a particular type of commercial equipment and appliances in the kitchen, consideration is given to the physical size or area of the restaurant or canteen or hotel. Commercial kitchens generally require much greater space than normal residential or traditional kitchens.


The restaurant cooking depends on the number and type of food prepared at the workstations. The workstations are therefore generally segregated such as catering, baking and grilling. To serve the dish prepared in the menu, each workstation should be supplied with space and the necessary equipment. For instance, the workstation should have the plating raw materials and all the chef needs. Not only are the workstations for cooking, but a master chef should also incorporate them for cooking instructions to his assistants in taking classes. For this reason, some restaurants are constructing a commercial kitchen with teaching kitchen as well as main kitchen areas where the master chef will have room to observe the assistance efforts in planning and finishing the food.

Equipment selection

This is the most difficult task. The root center should be known to pick the appliances for the commercial kitchen. A kitchen equipment manufacturer is identified by their equipment. And we need to realize that the main difference in residential equipment is not meant to accommodate food preparation on a large scale. And regular replacement of the residential kitchen is required. And commercial kitchen equipment should be used for mass food production, and the equipment used should comply with the safety measures that are seldom found in residential equipment, such as finger guards.

Kitchen Design

The layout of the commercial kitchen is different from the residential kitchen. The kitchen design in the bakery is accompanied by the workers ' safety measures and the kitchen mobility system to allow the chefs to move freely and to manage the equipment easily. Each workstation maintains a well-organized commercial kitchen layout with additional electrical and natural gas outlets, well drain system near sinks and water supply areas. Multiple sinks are the most important point for preparing food, hand washing and cleaning vessels. Refrigerators must be given good care in order to store food at different temperatures at various stages.

Security Measures

Protection in hotel kitchen equipment manufacturers in Hyderabad is the most important and serious concern. So the first thing that comes to mind is Venting. Venting laws that include cooktop exhaust fans, fire suppression systems. Non-slip floor zones, lined flooring above sinks, where chefs have been working for an extended period of time. For rare cases, as residential kitchen uses extinguishers, but commercial extinguishers or fire retardant devices are built into the building structure in the hotel restaurant.

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