28 Amazing Farmhouse Kitchens

It is amazing what you can achieve in such a small time on a very small budget. These ideas are perfect for people who just want to restyle their home or for anyone considering selling and want to attract the buyers.

Garden: The garden is the first thing people see when arriving at your property. They want to see you care about your garden so ensure everything is cut and pruned. Make sure there is no litter and ensure the gates latches and anything broken such as curbstones are either repaired or replaced.

Door: Try adding some hanging baskets either side of the front door or two pruned bushes either side of the door in real pots, not plastic ones. If you have a pvc door then make sure it's cleaned. If the door is wooden check to see it does not need a coat of paint, stain or varnish. A new doormat is a must. This is all to do with first impressions and to get a good reaction from any visitor.

Entrance Hall: Entrance halls are a breeding ground for shoes and coats. Visitors really do not want to smell feet when they walk inside your home so you need to remove them by putting them at the bottom of a wardrobe. Excessive coats are a real problem so they need to removed down to the bare minimum and any umbrellas tidies up. A nice clean internal doorway will compliment the one outside and will ensure no marks from shoes end up in your house.

Living Room: First rule of thumb is to remove all clutter. You want the bare minimum to give the impression of space. Repaint or repaper the walls with a very light pastel or white color. You want to give the impression of a blank canvass and to create more light. If you want to add color then you can do this in the fireplace wall. This is your feature wall so you can add a bolder color to this providing all your other walls are tones down. If you have a dark carpet and cannot afford a new one they buy a very light colored rug as this will take the eye away from a dark or badly patterned carpet. Add a generous selection of plants but don't overdue it. Some nice bright side lamps are a must. You want to give the impression of space, light and freshness.

Kitchen: Make sure that the work surface are seen so remove clutter into the units. Make sure your cooker is cleaned and also the walls surrounding the cooker are free from stains. If they are you may want to redecorate this area if it cannot be cleaned properly. Get as much light into the kitchen as possible. If you have a dining table in the same area then you could cover the table with a clean or new tablecloth if the table has seen better days.

Bedrooms: You have to ensure they are kept tidy with no clutter. Place everything in wardrobes and drawers to make more space. Neutral colors on the walls again and maybe a couple if decent pictures. The wall where you bed headboard is against is your focal point of the room so you can have a bolder color here. Matching side table lamps are a must. Darker carpets again can be disguised by placing a light rug on top.

Bathroom: One of the most important places in the house. If you have bold colors in here then you may want to consider redecorating. White tiles with a hint of color are perfect, Repair any chips to the bath and replace the toilet seat with a white one. Remove all shampoos and bottles to the cupboard to again give the impression of a bright clean environment. Have fun with your budget makeover. Not only will it improve your current home but it may also make the difference in swinging some potential buyers.

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