28 Adult Bedroom Ideas

You expect ceilings to be a dull part of the home. It's what you saw around you as you grew up. Nobody was adventurous with their ceiling color - good old white or maybe even a daring cream (yes that was sarcasm) is what you came to expect in terms of the heights of ceiling decor. Your ceiling doesn't need to be boring however; as a matter of fact it can be a talking point of the room if you really want it to be. How? Simply by adding some wonderful color! Ok, so not everyone happens to be a huge fan of colored ceilings.

In fact, some readers might give you that bemused look if you give them this tip. But put those eyebrows down first - here are some reasons why a colored ceiling isn't such a bad idea at all.. Firstly, they may make any room seem a little bit smaller, but this ultimately creates an illusion of a more intimate space. This can be especially good if your house happens to have a very high ceiling. It would lend a bit of comfort instead of that intimidating feel you get from seeing too much space in a room. Bedrooms and studies can also benefit from some ceiling color because it gives the room a cozy feel to it. Another reason to buy that can of paint is the fact that a colored ceiling softens the sharp contrast offered by your walls.

For most people, walking into a room with dark red walls topped with an intensely white ceiling can be almost shocking! It isn't comfortable and cozy at all. To solve this problem, opt for a ceiling color that blends better with your wall color. If you have walls done in shades of jade, why not select a ceiling in ivory or beige? It's a softer hue that complements rather than contrasts with your walls. You don't have to limit yourself to plain, solid colors either. If you have that creative or artistic streak in you, why not paint your ceiling in pictures or themes? For a nursery, a great idea would be to paint a picture of a perfect summer sky in azure blue complete with some clouds.

Sounds enchanting right? Complement this theme with a carpet in grass green and add some garden themes on the walls as well. Might as well go all the way right? Don't worry, even adults are sure to enjoy scenes like this from time to time. It's a refreshing break from your regular bedroom too! So put away that outdated beige, white or cream ceiling idea. Put away that stippled/popcorn type finish. Most people neglect their ceilings when they're redecorating their homes. Why hold yourself back? Imagine having a brightly colored ceiling that, no matter what the weather may be like, will be something you can look up, smile at and admire.

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