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I can guess what you're thinking. You don't know if you can really do a remodel on your house and make it look good. Well, I bet you can with some good guidance. That's what this article is all about - helping you get the confidence you need to succeed. I've been in the construction/remodeling business for most of my life. I started at the very young age of 12 helping my stepfather remodel an attic into a dormer for my sisters. With quite a bit of experience under my belt, I believe I have some information that can help you achieve a great final product with your remodeling adventure. So enough about me. Let's talk about you. I am going to assume you're interested in doing a project on your house and you're looking for some ideas or guidance of some sort. Now let's say you just want to do a make over on a room and make it look more modern or clean.

Color is very key to this. If you go bright white then it is going to look too clinical and if you go for a dark color it will be too strong. So picking a nice color to match the tone you are trying to show will be a great help. Another thing I like to do is an accent wall with a color that is a few shades darker than the main color. It brings a nice character to the room. Also, the window treatments should have a nice contrast to the wall color so they are easily distinguished from one another. You may want to go to where you get paint and get a few of the color sample cards they have and take them home to the walls you'll be painting to see how you feel about them. Do remember that strong colors are even stronger once the whole wall is painted.

I once painted this house for a customer where they had one of their children pick out the accent color and they picked "Mango". While I was painting that on it was really getting to my eyes from being so strong a color and bright, too. They also picked a magenta color for another room. Wow. But after it was all finished and I looked back it really looked good even though it was so loud. So color is very key to what you are trying to show. "Now that would just be a makeover," you might say. What about tearing out walls and making rooms bigger or adding on to the house? Or gutting the bathroom and making something totally amazing out of it. You can that too. There are many places to learn about the basics of full-blown remodeling where you tear out the walls and change things around. If you are familiar with what a load-bearing wall is, then you should know that you can't just pull that out without installing a beam to replace the wall for support. If in turn you do not know what a load-bearing wall is, then I'll tell you.

A load-bearing wall is simply this: The wall is a part of the building's structure and it is held up by the load-bearing wall. Hence the term "Load-Bearing Wall". If you want to change a room around by changing the wall locations or remove walls you have to determine if the wall is load-bearing. Once you know the answer you can make the plans on the change. If the wall is load bearing then any part of it that you remove will have to be supported with a beam. The longer the span the bigger the beam. You will also need a building permit for it to be a legal change. Building permits are rather easy to get so don't let that stop you. The home owner can get the permit and do all the work themselves and you don't need any licenses in most all areas.

Make sure you check with the local authority to make sure it is okay for you to do. They will probably tell you it is a good idea to hire a contractor to do the work. Just verify if it is required or not to have a contractor.

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