26 8 Seat Round Dining Room Table Sets

If you are looking to transform your dining room from a boring, typical space to a gorgeous, attractive oasis, consider going with a glass table top.For a simple and quick way to give your dining room a facelift, switching to a glass top can add elegance and grace to your room while maintaining the functionality that everyone seeks in a dining room. Follow these simple tips to get the best glass table top for your needs and take your dining space form bland to brilliant. -What shape do you want?Glass table tops come in a variety of shapes to suit your needs.

You can go with the traditional dining shape, rectangular, and maintain the customary dining table look.A rectangular table allows your guests to be seated across from one another and makes passing food and conversation easy. Another benefit of a rectangular table is the ease of seating.It is easy to place chairs and benches around a rectangular table. There is little leg bumping or squishing required to seat all guests.Not only do you get a traditional look from a rectangular table, but you also achieve a classic look of glass, giving any room instant glamour. Or perhaps a circular table would more suit your needs. A circular table, although not able to seat as many people as a rectangular table, can give the diners a more relaxed, conversational feel.Deciding what shape to go with can be a great place to start when choosing your new glass dining table top. - What size do you need?Depending on the amount of guests that you wish to serve, you can decide on the size of table top to order. For example, a 36-inch round table top will seat four people comfortably, whereas a 48-inch by 96-inch rectangular table top will seat twelve to fourteen people comfortably.

Consider the amount of entertaining you would like to do as well as how many people will regularly dine at your table.Generally, a rectangular table will seat more people and may be the better choice for you if you plan to have frequent dinner parties or events. When in doubt, it is always better to go a size bigger than you think you need. This way, if unexpected guests or visitors show up, there is always ample space forthem. -Do you like a decorative touch? The wonderful thing about a glass table top is the ability to customize it in so many different ways. Because a glass top is easy to etch and carve, it is often a simple request in order to add a gorgeous touch onto your table top, such as an etched design or a custom edge. The most popular customization is the addition of a beveled edge. This is a simple angle carved into the edge of the glass that gives it a beautiful decorative touch. This is often done one-inch from the true edge of the glass. Another popular option is the engraving of a design around the edge. This may be a flower-type design or a simple frosted line. Whatever you choose, adding an engraved look to your glass table top can give it an added elegance and sophistication.

There are many things to consider as you shop for your new glass table top. One of the major benefits of a glass dining table is that it is easy to clean. No more table cloths to protect precious wood. No more ugly pads to protect your table. No more smelly oils and cream to make your table shine. A glass top is best cleaned with a simple glass cleaner or even just a warm sponge.The hassle of cleaning is much less with a glass table top, making your dining and entertaining experience that much easier. As you shop for a glass dining table top, keep in mind the shape, size and customizations you are looking for. This will make shopping a breeze and will bring you one step closer to the dining table of your dreams.

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